Thursday, April 9, 2015

First ONE!

Omg!!! So dusty already this blog of mine!! hahaha! I've lost my mojo for writing along the way.. but ah.. somehow, I'm inspired to type something out today. You know why? Because today, 9 April 2015, I turn ONE! Yes. ONE in the Real Estate industry! So that deserves a long and meaningful blog post.

As of today, it's been almost 8 months of me leaving radio as a full-time DJ..
EIGHT fulfilling months of being SELF-EMPLOYED. Scary still, but I think i'm doing alright. Alhamdulillah!

Being in radio for 8 years as a contract staff has taught me many many things... To continue staying positive, to persevere, to be thankful for what I have, to be different, to stand out amongst the rest and to have faith in Allah and His magical ways. It wasn't an easy decision to leave radio, but after much consideration, I needed to take the plunge to propel myself further.

Real estate has been such a fulfilling roller coaster ride. One year of being a licensed real estate salesperson has taught me many life experiences and skills. Patience and perseverance is at the top of the list. Alhamdulillah, I'm also blessed with a supportive partner and mother, AMAZING managers and team members, as well as customers who are kind enough to give me the opportunity to assist them on their resale transaction matters.

Crazy sey. This job is wayyyyyyy different from what I have been doing in radio. Jual rumah orang! It's people's assets we are talking about. Life savings and probably the only thing they own that is worth more than what they have in their bank accounts! But, they trust ME to assist them on these matters. Alhamdulillah.

Fulfilling is when i get to help them "solve" their problems. People have various reasons why they sell and buy... Downgrading, retirement planning, investment, divorce settlement, debt clearing, family issues and many many more. Every case is unique. Every client is different. I'm always in my thinking mode, each time I go for a presentation. It challenges my brain to think out of the box and explore possibilities with my clients.

This industry has also changed my life. I now have more time and also money for the family. MaShaaAllah. Never have I thought that this is possible, but indeed, real estate has changed my life. For that, I have to thank Allah for opening up my heart and mind to have a go in the industry. SubhanaAllah.

So today, I macam EMO ah... One year as a "Property Agent" sey! My FIRST year and hopefully many more to come... InShaaAllah. Let's take a recap of my FIRSTs...


The FIRST time I collected my agent pass and saw the LEGEND in real estate, Pak Lah from ERA who gave me honest words of encouragement. 

My FIRST exclusive listing! Thank you Yani and Jamal for your trust in a rookie like me! ;)

My FIRST sale! This unit was optioned within 3 weeks of marketing! 

My FIRST HDB 1st appointment. I remember how nervous I was.. Sakit perut lahh.. butterflies in my tummy laaa.. Saw so many veterans at HDB and i super super nervous.. berpeluh semua you alls... haha.. But alhamdulillah, it was a smooth one. 

My FIRST whole unit rental closing.. pakcik and makcik had tenants in less than 1 month of marketing. Here I am explaining to them the tenancy agreement.. and ah.. this is also my FIRST day of wearing the Hijab! SubhanaAllah! Nampak macam pro tapi sebenarnya rasa kekok ahhh.. But alhamdulillah, so far the hijab is still on ah... hehehe.. ;)

My FIRST SynergyPowerhouse Awards! Terharu sey! Bukan selalu dapat recognition for my hardwork. So, to be awarded such, walaupun setakat a certificate, is good enough to motivate me to do better. To keep outdoing myself and continue doing the best for my clients. 

My FIRST award on a company level.. Out of soooo many rookies agents, I received 2nd for October 2014. Here is me with the CEO.. Segan sey, as I was the only muslim female new agent there.. But the support and applause from the seniors in the company, made me feel so honored to be up on that stage. I was indeed amongst champions in the company. Alhamdulillah! 

And so I pushed myself further and thus was the result.. my FIRST TOP (New) Achiever award! which also got me Top (13th) Achiever award on an ERA level! Surprised giler sey! Out of sooo many agents, I got it! Alhamdulillah! Super super happy! 


Of course, this journey is not all rosy... there are the heart attacks and also unpleasant experiences but I feel, that is part and parcel of the job.. It's been pure hardwork for me, to be where I am right now. Of course I always get the hearsay.. "Ya laa.. She popular mah.. that's why she can do so well.." 

Come on ah.. Don't give yourself excuses/reasons to why you are not doing as well.. I am a hardworker. Those close to me can vouch for this. I made sure I was not a "blonde and popular" agent. I wanted to add value to my clients. I read alot, I practised, I learnt from my managers on sales techniques and I do my best to model the Top achievers in the industry. It is ALOT of effort (and very little sleep)... haha. 

But, I always tell myself to NOT get affected by negative people.. Rezeki Allah itu luas dan kita semua ada bahagian masing-masing.. Whenever I see successful people in the industry, I am always in awe of how they are able to achieve it.. Like how my managers have sooo many private properties and how some of my team mates are TOP achievers in the company.. if they can do it, so can I!

So today, as I turn ONE year old as a property agent, I would like to say thank you to my ever supportive husband for being there for me throughout this interesting journey.. Thank you for your patience in tolerating my workaholic behaviour, thank you for believing in me and pushing me always to do my best.. Also, thank you to my Ibu and my boys, who understood the demands of this job. You know I'm working hard so that we can all have a better life... Next, thank you to my managers, Adi Mesti Jadi and his amazing wife, Ayu Yanti for being such an inspiration.. Your dedication and passion towards this industry and also towards your team is indeed admirable. Thank you for your guidance and faith in me. I promise to do you proud... Also, thank you to my SynergyPowerhouse agents who are always willing to help whenever I'm in need of advice or opinion. All of you are great in your own ways.. Let's keep the team spirit high and positive and continue adding value to our clients... MaShaaAllah... To ALL of my clients. thank YOU.. without your support and trust, I wouldn't be where I am today.. thank you for being part of my real estate experience... I'm very honored to have served you.... 

43 SELL/BUY transactions since I started and still going strong! I am Driven! Passionate! Determined! Persistent! :)

Alhamdulillah. I survived. ONE as a real estate salesperson and still very much passionate about the industry... i promise to continue doing my best for you.. InShaaAllah.. 

Because I am now, Nona Kirana... Ejen Hartanah... :)

Nak jual? Nak beli? Nak upgrade? Nak downgrade? Nak melabur dalam hartanah? Nak sewakan satu rumah? Nak tukar kerjaya?

Call me ok. 9384-0942