Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Real Estate Madness

This whole real estate thing has been such a mad adrenaline rush! It's crazy and so spontaneous but I'm loving it! Alhamdulillah. To begin with, I've never been conventional when it comes to my work and somehow this really fits my lifestyle and personality. But of course there are hair pulling and heart attack moments laaaaa. Haha.

Ok so to date, I have about 5 exclusive listings and one non-exclusive. For a rookie, I must say ALHAMDULILLAH for the opportunity and trust given to me by the home owners. I will do my best to serve them and make their sale a pleasant experience, InShaaAllah. :)

And ahhh.. I really enjoy doing presentations and handling viewings. Macam suka satu macam ah. I feel a strong need to educate and make them see the opportunities from the sale of their house and also to solve whatever housing problems and needs that they might have. It's been so fulfilling when you see the reaction on their faces. Like, "Oh.. tak sangka lepas jual rumah ini boleh dapat duit pasal bila dah pulang pada CPF, dah hit minimum sum, yang balance tu boleh dapat cash.." and "Lepas dapat untung rumah ni, nak tolak hutang jadi tak pening kepala. Kita downgrade dan duduk diam-diam, sekurang-kurangnya duit rumah dah bayar penuh.".. And many more cases like that ah.

That's why, house agents are important. Because we are equipped with knowledge on housing matters and we can advise you accordingly to your housing and property needs. Kena berani bertanya, jadi tak sesat jalan. Lagipun, kebanyakkan ejen rumah benar-benar ikhlas ingin membantu...Macam saya ni.. =P

Of course there are the "sakit hati" moments lah. Like clients bubble when it comes to presentation or viewing appointments.. Bank loans not approved.. Cannot sell house because of certain ethnic integration policy ratio.. things like that. Tapi tu biasa ah.. It's how we manage such situation that matters most. I'm still learning and i've got a longggg way to go. So, yeah. So far so good.

Ok, here are some of me in action.. Hu hu hu..

And for those of you looking for a home.. Here's what I've got in my list.. Tengok tengok lah ye.. Kalau ada yang berkenan, please give me a call ok! Alternatively, you can look at my profile on PROPERTY GURU. All the details are there. :)

5I - Blk 810 Jurong West St. 81. Asking $450K (negotiable)

4A - Blk 535 Hougang St. 52. Asking $460K (negotiable)

EA - Blk 503 Jelapang Road. High floor. Asking $660K (negotiable)

4A - Blk 454 Sin Ming Avenue. Low floor. Asking $450K

5I - Blk 199C Punggol Field. High floor. Asking $500K (negotiable)

My Pasir Ris unit is still under KIV as we need to iron out some matters before proceeding with marketing of the unit. These are some of the issues that we agents have to face. Tak semestinya dah dapat exclusive, we can straight away promote it.. Bukan apa, we don't it to be a case of boleh jual tapi owner tak boleh beli... 

So there you have it. Another summary of my Real Estate work. Madness but fun. Haha. 

I've got a few presentations lined up and I'm excited to meet with my potential clients. 

If you have any questions or concerns over your housing matters, please give me a call ok. I would love to be of assistance to you. 

Sila hubungi... 


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