Friday, April 11, 2014

THAT leap of faith! BISMILLAH!

Ok. So here I go and make that LIFE CHANGING announcement!

Alhamdulillah, all praises to the One above for giving me the opportunity to explore into something that is totally different from what I have been doing all these while... .

As of today, I am proud to announce that I am a licensed Real Estate Salesperson! ALHAMDULILLAH!

It hasn’t been easy. It took me 10 months to get that licence. So to whoever who said, “Elehhh.. Ejen rumah? Semua orang pun boleh jadi.. Senang nak dapat lesen."  Very kirim salam eh.. The whole process is very stringent now, solely because they want to maintain a high level of quality and professionalism in the real estate industry.. For someone who took her last formal exam 9 years ago, sitting for TWO major exam papers was a challenge. But I tell you, it was worth the fight (and panda eyes cos of the late night studying..)

So yes, I am very much psyched and excited to start my real estate work! I have always been a people person and this career would suit me really well. Pernah suatu ketika dulu, orang cakap I patut jadi ejen rumah.. But somehow it didn’t materialize cos I was pursuing my passion for radio. To date, I have been in radio for over 8 years as I started out as a part-timer in 2006. Many may not be aware of this but I am a contract staff. Which means, I am allowed to explore other businesses and opportunities outside, on my own. Never gave it much of a thought till last year.. It’s the 7 year itch I tell you. I realized that it’s time for me to get out of my comfort zone and spread my wings.

And with that leap of faith, while 6 months pregnant with Ashraf, I attended the RES course, which was quite a commitment, while juggling my radio work. I was inspired by the many success stories of those in real estate and how their lives have changed ever since they entered the industry.

Kalau pokok bunga tu duduk dalam pasu Bunga yang kecil, macam mana agaknya, dia nak terus tumbuh dan berbunga?” asked the husband. “Kita kena keluarkan pokok bunga tu dengan akar-akarnya, dan pindahkan ke pasu bunga yang lebih besar. Mungkin pada peringkat awal, agak susah untuk akar tu mesra dengan tanah yang baru. Tetapi, lama kelamaan, akar tu akan menjalar lebih dalam ke tanah dan menjadi lebih kuat, sambil pokok bunga tu tumbuh dengan lebih besar dan bunga semakin tumbuh mekar.” My husband is very philosophical lah.. Very bunga-bunga and berkias one. But I like. Because he makes me see things that I don’t see. He gives me a different perspective on things.

Plus, recently, I saw an FB post by Adam Khoo which made me cry and reiterate the fact to why I should do what I intend to do. He totally said it for me laaaa.. You read..


“Thank you everybody for your Birthday wishes. As I turn 40 today, I am reminded at how time flies and how short our time truly is. It seems like yesterday that I was just 20. With a blink of an eye, 10 years go by and you are 30. The next thing you know, another 10 years go by and you are 40. I know that with another few blinks...50,60,70,80... Times Up

Knowing that our time is no limited year on earth, I constantly remind myself to live each day to the fullest, with no regrets and without holding onto any resentment or anger to anyone or anything. 

Knowing that my time is limited, I make sure that I do not waste it on negative thoughts or harbour negative feelings. I make sure that I enjoy and appreciate every moment of this short journey, the ups and the downs, the celebrations and the challenging struggles. 

In the words of the late Steve Jobs, 'Our time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people's expectations. Have the courage to follow your heart no matter where it takes you.' 

There is really no point in fearing failure or fearing embarrassment because in the end, we are all going to die. So, pursue your dreams, follow your heart, make the very most of your life and eventually leave behind the world in much much better place than when you found it. If at least one life has breathed a little easier because you have lived, that is what t means to have succeeded.” ~ Adam Khoo


Super touching kannnnn!!! I pun nak jadi inspiring macam dia lah!!! Hehe.. 

So, with the blessings of my bosses, I shall pursue my dreams and follow my heart!

Thank YOU to my Ibu who has always been very supportive and encouraging. Never once has she stopped me from dreaming big things. Ibu, I LOVE YOU. Thank you for your prayers all these while. To my husband, thank YOU for being my backbone, always. You are indeed meant for me. May this new journey brings us closer in many more ways. Thank YOU to my babies for still loving me despite being so busy most of the time. Thank YOU to my girlfriends who knew from the start when I told them I was pursuing this. Thank YOU to my mentors who made this journey possible. I owe every single one of you. :)

Dear future BUYERS/SELLERS/LANDLORDS/TENANTS, I am ready to serve you!

Once I get my Agent card, I announce my contact details ok!.. hehe.. 
Pasal tak boleh practice kalau tak pakai card yang digantung di leher. Haha. ;)

May this be the beginning of something greater for you and for me. AMIN. InShaaAllah.  J

P.S: I’m still on radio, 6-10pm, Mondays to Fridays ok. Strictly no calls or viewings during those timings.. But emails, whatsapp and SMS are welcomed. ;)

Andddd.. I will introduce my mentors and team real soon ok! Can't wait cos they are all so successful and inspiring! :)

Ok. Tu je. Sekarang satu dunia dah tahu! Jangan cakap I tak cakap eh! :p

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