Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nona Si Ejen Rumah

Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah for opening my eyes and heart to the real estate industry. Though it has been madness these past few weeks, especially juggling radio and real estate responsibilities, it has been sooooo fulfilling. 

Secured my first EXCLUSIVE listing barely a week after announcing that I'm a licensed Real Estate Salesperson or RES they call it. So blessed to have met this down to earth and very nice couple. I like to be very prepared for presentations. Therefore, after consulting my mentor, Adi Mesti Jadi from Synergy Division, I am all set to meet her and her husband. With my calculations ready and mind set on giving an awesome presentation, we met up at their place. 


Everyone will remember their FIRST... and this beautiful unit in Jurong West is my FIRST HDB Exclusive Baby! 

Owners Yani and Jamal, thank YOU for the opportunity given. I will do my best to market your unit. InShaaAllah. Meanwhile, for those of you interested to look look see see this beautifullllllll unit, do call me ok! Owners are looking to let go at $460K. However, if there is a serious offer, not those kind, action negotiate but actually not interested sort hor! Then owners will consider as they are keen to move out to a new environment. Full parquet flooring and has that rustic resort feeling. You dont have to do much reno if you move in. Plus it's a corner unit and the next door neighbour is quite a distance away. Ni macam kes depan rumah boleh letak meja dan buffet table kalau ada kenduri kendara. Excellent for those who enjoy privacy. Nak tengok rumah ni? Can. Please give me a call and we can arrange it. There are a couple of viewings scheduled for this week already.Thursday, 1 May, 8-9pm and Saturday, 12pm-2pm. :)

Ok. Then a few days later, I met up with yet another home owner who wants to let go of their vacant 5room Punggol flat as their tenancy agreement with their previous tenants has ended. This couple wants to let go of their home to puruse their personal financial plans. This one lagi best. For those of you who wants to be in Punggol but cannot wait for a BTO flat, this is for you. It's in original but well maintained condition. Very good if you want to renovate the whole place from scratch and build it to your dream home. No need to waste money on hacking and tearing down. Super cost saving when it comes to renovation. And, got CONDO view some more! Kalau you berangan satu hari nanti nak tinggal condo, beli rumah ni... pasal bila u tengok hari-hari, manalah tahu satu hari doa you akan terkabul! AMIN! 

Owners are willing to let go at $520K. But again, ni semua boleh ajak berbincang.. If you are serious and want to make an offer, owners are willing to negotiate. Tapi janganlah letak harga yang tak masuk akal.. macam nak beli $400K! Rugi lah Sista and Brader! hehe.. Let me know if you are keen! 

On top of that, I have a handful of presentations at hand. I've been doing my research and calculations for my potential clients so that they have an idea of what to expect for their sale and purchase transaction. Banyak jugak kes yang dah 55 dan nak jual beli rumah. It's not as simple as that. Ni bukan jual beli barang kat Cash Converter tau! lol. Yes anyone can sell, but are you eligible to buy??? I don't want to be the agent who insist on selling your place when I know you cannot buy. Tak kan nak kasi you duduk dalam khemah tepi pantai sey... Ish. Nauzubillahminzalik! 

Can't wait to meet up with these clients and explore more options for them. This is such a fulfilling job lah. Seriously. When clients I meet are happy with my suggestions, I feel a sense of satisfaction. This career is no longer just about making money. It is about educating them with the right knowledge so that they can make better informed decisions. 

Then, there are the rental cases. Alhamdulillah, I have quite a few listings now. 


1 common room $600 - Jurong West St. 81 Female tenant preferred. 

1 common room $650 - Blk 244 Bukit Batok East Ave 5. With wifi, bed, fan. No cooking. 15mins walk to mrt. Female tenant preferred. 

1 common room $650 - Blk 849 Tampines St. 83. Low floor. TV, fan, bed, wardrobe provided. Female tenant preferred.

1 common room $650 - Blk 885 Tampines St. 83. High floor. With Air-Con, TV,bed, wardrobe. 

1 common room $600 - Blk 430 Jurong West Ave 1. Queen bed, study table, wardrobe, fan, light cooking allowed. Punjabi house. Not for fussy tenants. 

1 comon room $600 for 1 pax/$800 for 2 pax - Blk Punggol. Bed & fan provided. No TV. Malaysian/Indonesian/Malay/Chinese Females ONLY. No cooking. 

1 MASTER Bedroom $1000 (negotiable) - Blk 303 Yishun Central. Level 8. 10 mins walk to MRT & Northpoint Shopping Centre. Near Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. No cooking. Females only. Fan, Queen bed, Cupboard, toilet attached. No wi-fi. Single Malay female owner will be at home. 

There you have it. A brief of my experience so far. It has been very challenging but sooooo fulfilling. Alhamdulillah. On top of this, I have been receiving so many enquiries about the career. I'm so glad that i'm able to inspire women out there to step out of our comfort zone and explore real estate. If you are willing to learn, I am willing share. This one I learn from my mentor, Adi and his wife. Adi is so dedicated to the team and is always willing to go all out to share his knowledge and make sure his agents are well equipped before they go out and meet clients. I am blessed lah. Personal property coaching sessions with him are always so enlightening. Ok when I say personal, not just me and him lahhh.. my husband/bodyguard/manager will always be around cos whatever is shared is also relevant to his field of work as a Financial Planner. ;)

Here's us and Adi Mesti Jadi, a TOP Malay agent with ERA. I pun ada pasang cita-cita nak jadi macam dia satu hari nanti.. So successful yet so humble. InShaaAllah. :)

@1030pm - 4am




Who says good things comes easy? Our days are so filled with activities and there is hardly time to breathe. Of course I get tired. But when I see the drive in mentor and his eagerness to share his knowledge, then I get motivated. If he can have a crazy day and still spend time with his recruits, then why not me? So yeah, DEDICATION, PASSION, DRIVE and NEVER-SAY-DIE, that's what it takes to be a great in the industry. I am nowhere near good for now. I am still a baby in Real Estate. However, being new means I am very motivated and willing to work doubly hard to catch up with the achievers. 

Nak side track sikit.. At one point in time, my husband's mentor, Encik Zainuden Hashim who has been in the financial planning industry for over 20 years, ever told me to consider putting one foot out of radio to explore my strengths. He believed in me that I have the capacity to soar as a businesswoman. However, I didn't have that much courage to step out of my comfort zone and was very much at ease with my radio job. He is one of those who inspired me to be brave and make that move. So, for that, I must say thank you. Encik Zai has been an awesome mentor to my husband and we are always so blessed for having cross paths with amazing individuals like him.. This is him in action during one of his talks. 

(P.S: Ni gambar baru berapa bulan lepas bersalin, jadi macam ada "kembang" sikit. LOL. )

Yup. I'm now Nona, Ejen Rumah. If you put your trust in me for your sale and purchase of your property, I promise to deliver you my best! InShaaAllah. :)

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Nak jual atau beli rumah? Nak sewakan rumah atau bilik untuk pendapatan tambahan? telefon lah I... Tak payah nak segan-segan ok! Sila telefon... 

9384-0942.. Nona Si Ejen Rumah! lol. 

Have a great Tuesday everybodyyyyy!!!!! :)


  1. That is great. Congratulations to you for finding something you like and doing well with it. I hope you continue to have success. In Shaa Allah.

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