Monday, April 21, 2014

Nona Kirana Piranha?

Alhamdulillah. Since my official announcement about my latest entry in real estate, I have been getting calls and messages that is property related. It's scary but so exciting at the same time. Haha. Scary because it is something totally new to me but exciting because every case is different and it's like solving a puzzle and making sure every piece falls into place. THANK YOU dear future clients for your trust and the opportunity given. :)

And to those who personally congratulated me, in person, via sms, call or PM, I'd like to say THANK YOU for always being so supportive and positive. Change is never easy but to me, it's the only constant. 

However, the world is not always filled with good and nice people. There are the cynical ones who tell me I'm crazy. "You sure you can cope ah? Radio job lah. Property lah.".. "Eh, property market is slowing down tau. So many agents are driving taxi part-time you know."... "You doing property? Eh susah tau nak jual rumah!" ... "You're new. Confirm susah nak dapat clients pasal you belum ada sales record.".. And the lagi best one.. "Elehhh dia ni.. Kau tengok, sekejap je.. Nanti mesti give up punya." 

To these people, thank you for taking the time to talk about me. I didn't realise that I'm important enough to be part of your conversations. But seriously, I think you should make use of your free time to do other things.. Like go for kelas agama or upgrade your skills and perhaps take up the RES course because you think it's so easy, kan? ;)

But... To those who really know me. They know I'm a fighter. They know I'm willing to go all out and get what I want. They know I am resilient. I don't give up last minute. I feel, every job is a marathon, not a sprint. Yes, I am new to the industry. However, I am hungry for knowledge and experience. Which means I am willing to work doubly hard to get things done. I will go all out to earn your trust and respect. 

Luck. You need luck in this industry. To me, it's really REZEKI. Something that Allah has already set for you. Kalau ada, ALHAMDULILLAH. Kalau tak ada, tak mengapa, kerana Allah lebih mengetahui apa yang terbaik buat kita. Then someone said this funny analogy to me about luck.. 

"Win TOTO also need luck one. But ah, if you never queue long long and wait under the hot sun to buy that TOTO number, you think you got luck to win is it? Of course you need EFFORT to queue up and buy laaa. Where got money drop from the sky one?" Betol sey Uncle. Walaupun you bukan Islam, tapi I salute sama you laaa. 

I'm excited. Really really. I know this path is not going to be easy, but I know it's going to be worth it. I can't wait to help my clients sell their house and ease their mind. I can't wait to assist my buyers in purchasing their dream home that fits their budget and lifestyle. I'm willing to work for you and make your real estate dreams a reality, of you are willing to give me THAT opportunity. 

Ok. Side track sikit. To those couples who have not managed to get their BTOs due to manyyyy reasons, perhaps you should seriously consider the resale market. No need to wait longg longgg for your BTO to be ready. Can pick and choose your preferred location, perhaps in matured estates, near your parents.. Anddd.. the space is also bigger than normal BTOs. Because seriously, you should take advantage of the current resale market that is to YOUR favour. Buyer sekarang konon ada upperhand tauuuu.. 

Soooo.. You all know what to do lah kannn... 


9384 0942

No need to shy shy ok. I'm very nice one. Really. 

We can sit down and chat chat. No obligations at all. :)

"Even the most successful was once a beginner. Don't be afraid to take the first step."

I took the first step to enter real estate. Perhaps you should take the first step to call me? LOL. 

Ok. Tu je. My random reflection on a Monday morning. 

Have an awesome week ahead!

P.S: I'm on Te:Ra:Seh on Suria, Tuesday, 22 April, 8.30pm. If you have the time, please watch cos I don't appear on Suria that often and your support means so much to me. If I look silly and make a fool of myself, I'm sorry ok. I nervous ah. =P

P.P.S: Some of my followers have come up with catchy taglines for my real estate marketing. Like, "Nona Kirana, pasti Meletop!" "Nak jual beli? tanya Nona!" "Nona Kirana, Jadi jadian." "Jual Hartanah, Panggil Nona".. and the funniest, has got to be from my cousin.. "Nona Kirana, ngap ngap hartanah macam Piranha" Hahahahaha. Tak boleh angkat sey! But funny ah. If you have any other ideas, call or SMS me ok. ;)


  1. All the best Nona! Be and think positive always :)

  2. Hi nona. Congrats for ur new journey. BT I really don't think u need any tacky kental tag lines.. Ur name itself will attract clients. Insyaallah. Really babe. Me n my frenz avoid all the agents Yg advertise nama kental. . Dunno y.. like irrinoying gitu.. bt of cos.. up to u.. All the best dear sista!

    1. Hi Nurul! Haha!! Ok ok. noted. LOL. Am trying to avoid tacky laaa.. Haha. We will see where this goes. Anyway thank you!!!! ;)

  3. All the best Nona!