Monday, September 2, 2013

"Think Good. Feel Good. Do Good."

Oh hello 35 weeks. The final stretch! Can’t help it but to feel nervous yet very much excited on the arrival of this little one. Ashayr came out at 41 weeks and I hope this one won’t take that long.. hu hu hu. Fatigue is kicking in. Walking or shall I say, waddling, becomes challenging. Tapi takpe, I shall enjoy this feeling while it lasts. :)

Ok so Syawal has been VERY low key. I’m always too exhausted. The maximum number of houses covered each day = 3! Yes. 3 only. Mak tak larat. And to those who invited my family and I over and we didn’t make it, soooooo sorry! Dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki. But this waddling Mak Buyong just wants to sit or lie down and rest most of the time.

Work has been kind. Alhamdulillah. Life has been alright. Alhamdulillah. My husband has been an awesome partner, especially throughout this second pregnancy, ALHAMDULILLAH.
For now, all I pray for is a smooth delivery of a healthy baby. Tu je. InShaaAllah. :)

Here are some random raya pictures. Heh heh heh.

Been wanting to write something inspiring… Especially about things happening around me.. Tentang perasaan hasad dengki.. Like people having negative thoughts of others or being all green eyed over those who seem to be doing very well and have more than some others.

I get irked when I see green eyed statuses on FB.. Macam “Alaaa.. Dia tu memang show off.. Nak lebih je dari orang..”  Please la. Biarlah si dia tu show off. Ikut suka hati dia. The more you write about him, just says so much about your character. Lagipun, kalau nak tegur atau menyindir secara sopan, ada caranya… Personally, I feel that it takes alottttt to be upset or jealous. Why waste that energy on something negative?

I suppose it’s fair for me to say that many times if you are having negative thoughts, you begin to feel negative, then it becomes harder to change the kind of thoughts you have because the negative thoughts are actually giving you a negative attitude, right?

Then, as the negative feelings grow, you become absorbed in feeling negative.. and soon as your attitude changes, your mind becomes filled with sad or depressing thoughts. Buat penat je kan, depressed sorang2 tak tentu pasal.. Like you’ll feel sad for yourself and your life.. Buat ape??? Buang current je..

This “jealous-terhadap-orang-yang-ada-lebih-dari-kita” attitude is a back and forth situation because your mind is in tune with your feelings and your feelings affect your thoughts. We all need to focus on controlling our thoughts which in turn makes it possible to change our feelings with own own thoughts. Ada faham? Jadi kalau kita fikir yang baik-baik tentang orang tu, InShaaAllah kita pun akan rasa yang baik-baik je..  Kalau kita nampak orang yang ada lebih dari kita in every sense, just say Alhamdulillah, itu rezeki dia.. Semoga Allah juga berikan yang setimpal buat diri kita.. Mudah-mudahan.. Can? ;)

Heh. Ok. This seems a bit too much. But, tell you ah, sometimes I cannot tahan the negativity on FB. Macam chill ah.. You hate this.. You hate that.. You hate the government.. Tapi duit GST nak? So macam mana tu? =P

Let’s practice “think good, feel good and do good.” Seriously, the world will be a better place for you. One step at a time. 

Ok lah. Till my next entry. God knows if I’ve popped by then or not. Anyway, thank YOU for taking the time to read this. And, pray for me and my baby yaaa!! ;) 

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