Sunday, May 19, 2013


Yet another work weekend for me. I'm not complaining. but, I miss spending real time with my family. The "problem" is I love my job as much as I love my family. How like that? Haha.

It's not easy being a working mother and I'm sure many working mothers can relate with me on this. Juggling between responsibilities as a wife, mother and employee plus the many roles that we undertake, is amazing la. Sometimes I wonder how I can still stay in one piece and stay sane.

Memanglah kalau ikutkan hati, nak campak semua ke tepi dan beri 100% perhatian pada keluarga dan anak-anak.. Tapi kenalah realistik sikit kan.. If we want a more comfortable life, the wife has to go out to work to supplement the husband's income, right?

That's why I have UTMOST respect for wives who sacrifices a millions things to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). Not easy tau, to just rely on the husband's income and run the show (unless suami you businessman kaya raya atau saudagar minyak! lol). It's these kind of humble housewives who make do with what their husbands give them. So, tabik hormat kepada ibu-ibu sebegini.

Plus I don't think I can be a full-time SAHM. I was dead bored during my 16 weeks confinement. I'm the sort that thrives under pressure and having too much free time on my hands drove me crazy. But then when I'm too caught up with work, I miss spending time with my boys. Heh.

The husband has been awesome so far. As much as he is also a workaholic like me, he is very much a family person too. For example, he's been sooooo busy meeting sooo many clients cos his company just launched some IPO investment thingy and he's all so excited to share with his current clients about it.. It's a new CPF investment that his company just launched and looks promising.. So he's been sooooo busy that we have NO "us" time at all for the past two weeks. At first, stress la, cos he's so busy, keluar pagi balik malam, appointment sana appointment sini and I was like being a little cranky cos I barely see him.. BUT! I told myself to stay calm and be understanding. He is doing this for the family. Thank you Sayang. ;) Anywayyy, for those of you who needs advice on insurance/savings/investments, do look up my husband ok, he's a FINANCIAL PLANNER and can give you his two cents worth on financial planning. ;)

Ok ok. We've been sooo busy, but magically, we managed to squeeze some family time yesterday. Some painting at home and then swimming.. and a nice family lunch.

Ashayr looks scared in the picture but he was actually having lots of fun. Hehe.. ;)

The boys make all these sacrifices soooo worth it. Mama and Abah sibuk buat duit pasal nak anak-anak kita hidup selesa. 

Anyway, I appeared in The Straits Times last Thursday.. My FIRST appearance in the English papers. So macam sangat terharu la.. Being recognized for doing something that you really love is such and indescribable feeling. Thank you Eddino Abdul Hadi for the nice write-up! 

All these sacrifices we make in our lives, are for a greater reason, that only we know. May Allah continue to give us the strength to face challenges, make room for more love in our hearts, and give us courage to pursue our dreams so that we can live an even more fulfilling life. AMIN, InShaaAllah! 

I shall end this off with a pointless picture of me, right before I present the 8pm news on Suria. You see, I don't usually look good in pictures (haha. at least that's what I think), but with good make up, nice hairstyling and a good angle, I think I look OK la. Haha. 

Mama sibuk kerja hari ni, tapi Mama sentiasa ingatkan Abah, Haris dan Ashayr. I love you boys like CRAZY. 

"She who would accomplish little, must sacrifice little. She who would accomplish much, must sacrifice much."

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy People

Orang perempuan ni, kadangkala macam lautan biru yang tenang.. Bila diuji, kita boleh bertukar menjadi ribut taufan dan lautan bergelora.. Kan? I think it's a gift. Our emotions can be so volatile, yet we are able to manage it pretty decently at times. 

This morning I woke up sooo happy. Seeing Ashayr's face and seeing the husband off to work, is a nice warm feeling. Then, it took a turn, triggered by something I saw. Felt so down, called the husband who was at work and cried over the phone. Blame it on the hormones, but, it was pretty bad. The husband calmed me down and assured me that things are going to be alright. Got myself together, put on some nice clothes and I left for work. Then, came a nice surprise, from a client that I was servicing. VERY NICE SURPRISE. But cannot share lah cos paisey and I don't want to sound like a show off. Hu hu hu. =P

My takeaway for today is to be THANKFUL. The husband said.. Happy people are thankful and thankful people are HAPPIER. Whoa. Sesekali suami ku bersuara, boleh tahan.. ;)

He never fails to try and make me feel better about things. Sometimes, that is all we need. REASSURANCE. Orang perempuan ni suka dengan perhatian dan kata-kata kasih sayang. It's not always about the money tau. It's about appreciation and words of comfort. To me, at least. 

Again, I tried to manage my emotions, spoke to God and I felt better. I know HE loves me and won't forsake me. 

The next coming weeks will be exciting and nerve-wrecking for me as I recently embarked on something new and unexpectable. I hope this decision will be a right one, for a greater future. I can't wait to share it with you all, but let's wait till the right time comes before I reveal it. :)

Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy with what you have or you can choose to whine and gloat abut all the "unhappiness" you're facing in your life right now. Senang cakap lah kan, pengurusan emosi ni adalah satu kemahiran yang boleh dipupuk.. Cheyyy! ;)

Unless you're just naturally happy, or been taught how to chose which mood serves you best in the moment, there's no reason you can expect to have mastered the incredibly wide range of emotions a person can feel.

You see, managing emotions starts with baby steps. First, you need to identify that emotion, be conscious about it and manage it accordingly so that you can shift that emotion to a positive one.
I told my husband I felt sad. I knew I was down and had to get put of this terrible feeling. He told me to think about moments and things that made me feel happy and better about myself. Like ASHAYR and HARIS! In which I did. 

These boys make me happy and i'm blessed. So, perasaan ribut taufan tu dah takde and I hope I can fall asleep tonight in peace and serenity. Heh. 

The best picture that describes my feelings today is this one below...

Haha! Cute, right? So, CHILL. Take it easy, breathe and step out a happier person.  

"SENYUM, tak perlu kata apa-apa!"  and stay HAPPY PEOPLE! :)