Thursday, March 7, 2013

Haris Noh

When I first set my eyes on him at the nursery, I knew he was special. It was love at first sight. While all the other babies were busy crying, this one was sleeping peacefully with that little sharp nose of his.

At the age of one, his parents got divorced. I took him in and cared for him just like my own. I love him so much and would do anything a mother would do, to protect and care for a child.

Haris, thank you for being my sunshine and little superman. You have always been there for me and even promised to protect me when you were only 4. I remembered going through a bad patch in my life when I was 21. I was crying so badly in my room. You came to me, stroked my hair and told me to stop crying and that you will take care of me. How not to love someone sweet like you? When I was about to give birth to Ashayr, you cried when you came back from school and found out that I was already at the hospital. You came and stayed past midnight, just to be with me, Abah and your new little brother.

You are the kindest, smartest and most caring boy I've known. Having you in my life has been a blessing and never once have I regretted my decision of taking care of you. You are special, trust me.

Today, 7 March 2013, you turn exactly 9 years old. What a fine young boy you have turned up to be. I pray that may ALLAH continue to guide you, bless your life with many more wonderful things and grow up to be someone great, someday. AMIN. InShaaAllah. 

Live this life the best way you can. Give whenever you can. Be wise in making your decisions. Stay humble in all situations. Continue being positive towards life. I know you have it in you to be a great man, someday. I will continue praying for your success and I promise to always be there for you. Thank you for being an amazing son.

I love you, Haris. 

More than you will ever know. :)



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