Friday, February 15, 2013

Private "Pool" Party

Ashayr loves the water. Each time he sees the swimming pool, he screams in delight! But.. because Mama is now like a whale, I don't fancy going swimming at public pools. Lol.

So.... The solution is! Abah who is very good and fond of "layan-ing" his boys, bought a tiny inflatable pool for the little boy. Punya lah suka ini anak. Jari sampai kecut sebab rendam lama sangat! Haha!

And his Abah has introduced bubbles and foam to him. So konon macam ada private foam party la. Funny this boy. Such a joy he is.

He turned 16months a few days ago and it amazes me how fast he has developed. Ashayr is much chattier and friendlier nowadays. MaShaaAllah.

Enjoy the private pictures! Lol.

P.S: Haris will kill me if he knows I uploaded a "naked" picture of him. He said, "Mama you don't ever upload my naked pictures ok. My teachers might read your Facebook and blog. Paisey you know." lol. This boy very "Abang-Abang" nowadays. Sorry hor Sayang! =p


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