Thursday, January 3, 2013

TWO on 1.1.13

With the presence of social media, comes the "need" to update every single experience and moment of your lives that you feel is suitable for public viewing and scrutiny. The husband and I share VERY different views when it comes to social media. He prefers to keep things private and doesn't see the need to shout things out, unlike me. He is my worst critic. Seriously. But, he keeps me in check. That's what partners are for I suppose.

So, I challenged myself. To stay away from social media. For just ONE day. Heh.

1 January 2013. We turned TWO as a married couple. Nope. We didn't do anything fancy cos we're boring like that. By the time I reached home from work, the husband was already asleep with Ashayr on the bed. So, there was no countdown or anything like that. I washed up and slept at 1130pm.

You see, as a woman, of course I expected roses, surprises, gifts and whatnots. At one point in time, I used to get very upset when expectations are not met. Then, came marriage. It taught me to calm down and let loose. I don't set unrealistic expectations when it comes to our marriage. If it happens, then it's a plus. If not, it's ok. At least we still have each other to love, no matter what.

I've grown to be a simple person. Not as complicated as compared to when I was much younger. Life today is no longer about material things but rather about the intangible, like happiness and satisfaction. I feel happy when I'm able to make those I love happy. I'd rather carry a $30 handbag than spend 5K on a luxury handbag because I know I can spend that money on the people I love. I'll walk in to branded boutiques, touch the handbags on display and walk out empty. The husband says I deserve it, but I think, (to me at least), it doesn't justify or represent who I am and I don't need it. Material things are at the bottom of my "to-spend-on" list. I think I've matured. I don't know whether it's a good or bad thing. Maybe not just yet, cos I don't want to "never say never". Lol. ;)

So, no exchanges of gifts on our anniversary. Nothing fancy. Just us holding hands and exchanges of I-love-yous, with the kids along, at Sentosa. That was how we spent our 2nd wedding anniversary. Simple, without any interruption from social media. Just me, the husband and my boys. Just us. Private for a day. Heh.

Dear husband,

I may not be the best wife on earth but I know that I'm always doing my best to be the best you can ever have. Our marriage has not been easy but it's those challenging moments that makes us stronger as a couple. Come what may, I know we have each other to depend on.  I know you will "po-tect-me-po-per-ly" kan? You jump I jump, kan? Walaupun I suka merajuk tapi you tetap sayang I, kan?

Biarlah cinta ini hungga ke hujung nyawa kerana saya tahu Allah telah berikan cinta awak kepada saya dan inilah yang terbaik dari-Nya. Awaklah kebahagiaan saya.

Let's continue doing our best for our little empire of happy souls. I promise to love you till an eternity and may Allah continue to bless this magical union. Amin.

2013 is going to be a great year and come what may, I know we're ready for it. :)

Your wife.


  1. Heee we share the same wedding date...i also same mindset as u tkyah nak celebrate as long as we still love each other more n moree that all matters...happy anni

  2. simple but meaningful. that's the way to go. happy anniversary to you too my dear anonymous friend! ;)