Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Keep Going and NEVER QUIT!

The thing about business, is that you have a CHOICE. You can either choose to work hard towards a thriving business OR you can choose to snooze, not do anything about it and loose all that initial capital. And then, there is this other group of individuals that gives up way too easily, even BEFORE trying. AND, another group that is full of excuses for their lack of success. They blame everyone and everything on this earth EXCEPT themselves. But the group I enjoy working with the most, is the kind of individual that has the never-say-die attitude. These are the kind of individuals that will last longer and become success stories from the business that they're doing. Well, I think this applies to everything that we do, not just in business. Successful people have to go through so much hardwork and so much failure before they FINALLY reach success and enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

Since I'm in this business, I have widened my network of friends, came across so many interesting individuals from all walks of life, it's just so interesting and fulfilling. Also, I enjoy inspiring and motivating my team, to always strive for the best and never to give up too easily when faced with rejection. People are just being people. They are sceptical of the unknown. The more you push, the more they run away. That's just how it works whether we like it or not. I used to run away from insurance agents. I used to think, why should I waste money on something that I can't see. Insurance agents can be quite pushy and persistent sometimes. But hey, I'm married to one! What an irony, right? 

After my husband explained to me the importance of being insured and doing up my savings and investments, I am more assured. In fact, I fell in love with what he is doing, because he is helping people to plan for something unplanned in life. So I've got my life insurance, hospital insurance, accident insurance, savings, investments, all done, the works I tell you.. At least if I die a sudden death, my family's needs will be fully taken care of and if I fall really sick, I don't have to worry about hospital or medical bills. See, I was once soooo sceptical about insurance, and after knowing more about financial planning, I am more assured and equipped. Yes, I'm married to a financial planner, and proud of it. Kata orang, tak kenal maka tak cinta. :)

In life, sometimes we need to take chances and explore new possibilities. For those who have always wanted to make a difference in their mundane lives, challenge yourself to something new. However, don't give up too easily. Because quitting is a habit. It just becomes part of who you are. I feel sad when I see such individuals and I wish I can do something about it. Stop making excuses but find reasons to why you should strive to succeed. 

The differences between excuses and reasons are the choices that we make. With reasons, we don't have a choice. But with excuses, we make the choice. The interesting thing about this choice is we can make it anyhow you like. It depends on how you associate your excuses to the reasons. Take for example, this amazing speaker called Nick Vujicic. It's easy for him to think "I'm disabled, therefore I can't be a speaker" but he chose to think "I am born without any limbs. Therefore, I can be an inspiration to millions of people in the world today." You choose how you see things. If you think you CAN, then you WILL! Insya'Allah!

I enjoy being inspired. It gives me the drive to keep going and work towards success. I am thankful for what I am and what I have today, but I want to be better than this. Self-growth, to me is very important. My family, is a strong reason why I am doing this. I want all of them to benefit from my success. You may have other reasons to do well in life, stick to it and go for it. What's stopping you? 

With that said, I shall keep going, despite the cynical thoughts from sceptical individuals. I know people are watching, but I promise to do this right and do this excellent. May Allah guide me on this journey and inspire many other lives. Amin. 

To my team members, KEEP GOING and NEVER QUIT! ;)

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