Monday, July 30, 2012

Ashayr. Turning ONE!

I've always LOVED children. When I was in secondary school, i once joked that I would love to bear my own football team. I want to see my house full of kids running around. LOL. Of course that changed after I got married. That idea is not feasible in today's context. haha.

When I took Haris in at 3 months, I knew that maternal instincts had kicked in. Haris was such an amazing baby. Perfect because he was always so happy and easy to take care of. No fuss at all. Till today, he still remains a joy to look after. Such a responsible and confident boy he is.

Then, I got married. I instantly knew I had to bear my own little beings. My husband and I share the same sentiments about children. He adores kids as much as I do. So that mde things even much easier. I got married on 1 Jan 2011 and I gave birth to my first born son on 12 October 2011. When I knew that I was expecting a boy, I was thrilled. I wanted Haris to have a little brother. But the thing is, I was nervous because I did not know how he was going to look like. Was it going to be a mini Nona or mini Hisham? Ashayr came out so puffed up. He didn't look like either one of us. SERIOUSLY.

They brought him to me when I was in a groggy state. The feeling was so alien. This little person just came out from my tummy? It took me a while to absorb that he is my flesh and blood. But those little eyes smiled at me and we instantly had a connection. Such a wonderful feeling it is to know that this boy is mine for keeps. My mother said that Ashayr was a duplicate of me. Apparently, I wasn't so cute as a baby. I was chubby, had big round eyes, and VERY LITTLE hair on my head. This picture illustrates the similarities between Ashayr and I.

We clearly share the same stare and smile. LOL. Ashayr is now about 9 and a half months. He is such a joy. He has made the family grow much closer in many ways. He has made my mother less grumpy and more smiley these days. He is such a blessing.

Today, he has learnt how to jump on cue, do the cha cha, do the bye-bye handwave, clap his hands, and do the "Yes i did it!" hand gesture. My boy is full of surprises. Besides saying "Abaaaa" and "Ahbang" (no, he hasn't said MAMA yet. very the unfair. heh.), he can also say "Paka-paka" and I have no idea what that means. haha. Spot him saying the "Paka-paka" quite a few times in this video!


This boy is the cutest thing that has ever happened in my life. I am head over heels in love with him. His smile melts my heart all the time. Best lah ada anak sendiri. It's like you have a little doll all to yourself. Tak payah nak pinjam-pinjam baby orang lain! Haha! =P

These two boys are my pride and joy. Mohamed Haris Bin Mohamed Noh and Mohamed Khair Ashayr Bin Mohamed Hisham. Again, I promise to be the BEST Mama you boys will EVER have. We are on our way towards a much better life. Mama and Abah will continue to love you boys whole heartedly and give you a good life, better than what Mama and Abah had to grow through as children. That, we promise.

Kata orang, anak itu rezeki. I strongly believe in that. Alhamdulillah for all of the good things that has come along the way, since we had you boys in our lives. May we look forward to greater and even more wonderful things in the future. Haris and Ashayr, you boys are my world. I love you, more than the stars in the night sky and deeper than 7 oceans combined. Cheesy, but i mean it.

With that said, Ashayr is turning ONE soon! And... I'm already planning for his FIRST BIRTHDAY BASH!!! It's going to be a small one though. Just family, cos I truly enjoy intimate affairs with my loved ones. :) I'm so excited cos the last birthday party I planned was when Haris turned ONE and that was 7 years ago! An excellent first birthday it will be for Ashayr, insya'Allah!

Let's see... Location, checked and booked. Cakes, not checked. Goodies, not checked. Party host, not checked. Party theme, not checked. Food, not checked. oh oh. Ok. I've got ALOT of planning and sourcing out to do. Wish me luck!! ;)

P.S: Suggestions are more than welcomed!!! Email me ok.  :)

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