Monday, July 30, 2012

Ashayr. Turning ONE!

I've always LOVED children. When I was in secondary school, i once joked that I would love to bear my own football team. I want to see my house full of kids running around. LOL. Of course that changed after I got married. That idea is not feasible in today's context. haha.

When I took Haris in at 3 months, I knew that maternal instincts had kicked in. Haris was such an amazing baby. Perfect because he was always so happy and easy to take care of. No fuss at all. Till today, he still remains a joy to look after. Such a responsible and confident boy he is.

Then, I got married. I instantly knew I had to bear my own little beings. My husband and I share the same sentiments about children. He adores kids as much as I do. So that mde things even much easier. I got married on 1 Jan 2011 and I gave birth to my first born son on 12 October 2011. When I knew that I was expecting a boy, I was thrilled. I wanted Haris to have a little brother. But the thing is, I was nervous because I did not know how he was going to look like. Was it going to be a mini Nona or mini Hisham? Ashayr came out so puffed up. He didn't look like either one of us. SERIOUSLY.

They brought him to me when I was in a groggy state. The feeling was so alien. This little person just came out from my tummy? It took me a while to absorb that he is my flesh and blood. But those little eyes smiled at me and we instantly had a connection. Such a wonderful feeling it is to know that this boy is mine for keeps. My mother said that Ashayr was a duplicate of me. Apparently, I wasn't so cute as a baby. I was chubby, had big round eyes, and VERY LITTLE hair on my head. This picture illustrates the similarities between Ashayr and I.

We clearly share the same stare and smile. LOL. Ashayr is now about 9 and a half months. He is such a joy. He has made the family grow much closer in many ways. He has made my mother less grumpy and more smiley these days. He is such a blessing.

Today, he has learnt how to jump on cue, do the cha cha, do the bye-bye handwave, clap his hands, and do the "Yes i did it!" hand gesture. My boy is full of surprises. Besides saying "Abaaaa" and "Ahbang" (no, he hasn't said MAMA yet. very the unfair. heh.), he can also say "Paka-paka" and I have no idea what that means. haha. Spot him saying the "Paka-paka" quite a few times in this video!


This boy is the cutest thing that has ever happened in my life. I am head over heels in love with him. His smile melts my heart all the time. Best lah ada anak sendiri. It's like you have a little doll all to yourself. Tak payah nak pinjam-pinjam baby orang lain! Haha! =P

These two boys are my pride and joy. Mohamed Haris Bin Mohamed Noh and Mohamed Khair Ashayr Bin Mohamed Hisham. Again, I promise to be the BEST Mama you boys will EVER have. We are on our way towards a much better life. Mama and Abah will continue to love you boys whole heartedly and give you a good life, better than what Mama and Abah had to grow through as children. That, we promise.

Kata orang, anak itu rezeki. I strongly believe in that. Alhamdulillah for all of the good things that has come along the way, since we had you boys in our lives. May we look forward to greater and even more wonderful things in the future. Haris and Ashayr, you boys are my world. I love you, more than the stars in the night sky and deeper than 7 oceans combined. Cheesy, but i mean it.

With that said, Ashayr is turning ONE soon! And... I'm already planning for his FIRST BIRTHDAY BASH!!! It's going to be a small one though. Just family, cos I truly enjoy intimate affairs with my loved ones. :) I'm so excited cos the last birthday party I planned was when Haris turned ONE and that was 7 years ago! An excellent first birthday it will be for Ashayr, insya'Allah!

Let's see... Location, checked and booked. Cakes, not checked. Goodies, not checked. Party host, not checked. Party theme, not checked. Food, not checked. oh oh. Ok. I've got ALOT of planning and sourcing out to do. Wish me luck!! ;)

P.S: Suggestions are more than welcomed!!! Email me ok.  :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jangan "Buang Current" this Ramadan!

Salam Ramadan dear readers!!! The holy fasting month is here again and I pray that May Allah grant all of us the health and willpower to get through this amazing month with our loved ones. Amin. We should also take this opportunity to self-reflect and better ourselves, emotionally and spiritually. May we all find the inner peace that we are looking for. Amin, Insya'Allah. 

I am glad to be blessed with a husband who always encourages me to become a better Muslim and person. If you should know something about my husband is that he HATES talking bad about people. Seriously. When i was dating him, I found him weird because he doesn't talk bad about others. He says he sees no point in doing so. There are moments when I just need to let my feelings out and talk bad about some people and he will ALWAYS stop me from doing so. At first it was frustrating because I felt like he was never on my side, but then he stated his point, that we should self-reflect and not always point fingers at others. Yes, that is my husband and he's weird. BUT, that made me a better person. Now I see people differently. Rather than to talk bad about them, I waste no time in even indulging in such moment. "Buang current!" said the husband. Of course I still have my moments but I'm only human and am always trying to improve myself. Heh.

And this thing about "bitching" and talking bad about others only reflect what kind of person we are. Don't you think so? There are many activities we engage in that we believe are fun, but that secretly hurts us. We continue to do them over and over again and never realize the damage we are doing to ourselves.We sit around talking about other people with our friends, family and co-workers. We laugh, joke, and focus on the worst things we can find about someone. Whether on the phone, in the chat rooms or in person, some of us live to talk about others, to get the laugh.

By becoming a person that is known for gossiping, spreading rumors and talking bad about others, you also make yourself a target for the same treatment. The things you say don't remain a secret. Others will find out what you’ve said.  That “secret” doesn’t become a secret anymore when it gets passed on to others and risk being misinterpreted along the way.  So, stop wasting time scrutinizing the shortcomings of other and focus that energy on improving yours. We are not perfect either and therefore we are not qualified to judge as much. Let's leave that job to God. 

My husband and I are weird in our own ways. We enjoy talking good about others. We find people who are inspiring and moments worth discussing about. We look up to amazing power couples in the community and aspire to be like them someday.  We aspire to be good role models to those around us. And so we made a promise, to start with ourselves first.We have learnt to criticize constructively without putting down others. Just to share this amazing quote from the book, The War of Art"Individuals who are realized in their own lives almost never criticize others. If they speak at all, it is to offer encouragement."

This quote explains why some people find it easy to speak uplifting words to the people in their lives, while others do not. I feel that criticizing is an art and it needs to be honed because sometimes when we commit such acts, often, we don’t even realize that we are actually putting down others.

So, the takeaway today for this entry is to TALK LESSER EVIL OF OTHERS. Before we spend the time to criticize others, let’s just take some time to look at the mirror and think. When we learn to correct our own mistakes and stop criticizing others, only then can we become much more successful individuals. Today, each time I feel like talking bad or criticizing others, I remember my husband telling me...

Till my next entry. Stay positive and have a blessed Ramadan! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Keep Going and NEVER QUIT!

The thing about business, is that you have a CHOICE. You can either choose to work hard towards a thriving business OR you can choose to snooze, not do anything about it and loose all that initial capital. And then, there is this other group of individuals that gives up way too easily, even BEFORE trying. AND, another group that is full of excuses for their lack of success. They blame everyone and everything on this earth EXCEPT themselves. But the group I enjoy working with the most, is the kind of individual that has the never-say-die attitude. These are the kind of individuals that will last longer and become success stories from the business that they're doing. Well, I think this applies to everything that we do, not just in business. Successful people have to go through so much hardwork and so much failure before they FINALLY reach success and enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

Since I'm in this business, I have widened my network of friends, came across so many interesting individuals from all walks of life, it's just so interesting and fulfilling. Also, I enjoy inspiring and motivating my team, to always strive for the best and never to give up too easily when faced with rejection. People are just being people. They are sceptical of the unknown. The more you push, the more they run away. That's just how it works whether we like it or not. I used to run away from insurance agents. I used to think, why should I waste money on something that I can't see. Insurance agents can be quite pushy and persistent sometimes. But hey, I'm married to one! What an irony, right? 

After my husband explained to me the importance of being insured and doing up my savings and investments, I am more assured. In fact, I fell in love with what he is doing, because he is helping people to plan for something unplanned in life. So I've got my life insurance, hospital insurance, accident insurance, savings, investments, all done, the works I tell you.. At least if I die a sudden death, my family's needs will be fully taken care of and if I fall really sick, I don't have to worry about hospital or medical bills. See, I was once soooo sceptical about insurance, and after knowing more about financial planning, I am more assured and equipped. Yes, I'm married to a financial planner, and proud of it. Kata orang, tak kenal maka tak cinta. :)

In life, sometimes we need to take chances and explore new possibilities. For those who have always wanted to make a difference in their mundane lives, challenge yourself to something new. However, don't give up too easily. Because quitting is a habit. It just becomes part of who you are. I feel sad when I see such individuals and I wish I can do something about it. Stop making excuses but find reasons to why you should strive to succeed. 

The differences between excuses and reasons are the choices that we make. With reasons, we don't have a choice. But with excuses, we make the choice. The interesting thing about this choice is we can make it anyhow you like. It depends on how you associate your excuses to the reasons. Take for example, this amazing speaker called Nick Vujicic. It's easy for him to think "I'm disabled, therefore I can't be a speaker" but he chose to think "I am born without any limbs. Therefore, I can be an inspiration to millions of people in the world today." You choose how you see things. If you think you CAN, then you WILL! Insya'Allah!

I enjoy being inspired. It gives me the drive to keep going and work towards success. I am thankful for what I am and what I have today, but I want to be better than this. Self-growth, to me is very important. My family, is a strong reason why I am doing this. I want all of them to benefit from my success. You may have other reasons to do well in life, stick to it and go for it. What's stopping you? 

With that said, I shall keep going, despite the cynical thoughts from sceptical individuals. I know people are watching, but I promise to do this right and do this excellent. May Allah guide me on this journey and inspire many other lives. Amin. 

To my team members, KEEP GOING and NEVER QUIT! ;)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

An Opportunity

Opportunities are everywhere. Some may be presented to you, some just happen to pass you by, some are open and made for you. It's how you make do with it that matters in the next course of your journey. I heard this somewhere and it made a lot of sense..

"Give OPPORTUNITY a CHANCE." Many times, we shut off things that we are unfamiliar of, or things that we've had a bad experience with. Based on that little prior knowledge or information that we have, we choose to assume and let that opportunity fly past us. I am guilty of that. I wasted 2 months, considering about this business because I was sceptical. However, I was lucky enough to be given a second chance at it. I am blessed to have been presented with this opportunity and will continue to strive in it with passion.

Along the course of these couple of months, I've had people who either support me fully of what I do and also, those who question and mock my cause. It's OK. We can't please everyone and we can't change the minds of these people. However, I have refined the way I react to these small minded individuals. Barking back all the time will not help, BUT, if you step on my toes, don't expect me to just watch and let it be. I am nice, but I do bite when necessary.

Criticising individuals OPENLY, especially on social media, truly reflects the kind of individual you are. Yes, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but if you cross the wire and step on many toes, then something must be wrong with the things you are saying or doing. There is also such things as criticising/commenting with a strong basis and stand, that one, I have utmost respect for. You need to be responsible for what you write. You can't just splash out words and not own up for it. Such cowardice acts are not appreciated, especially by me. It's funny how some people say without much thought. That, we have to work on. I'm not here to disturb your rice bowl, and I hope will you not do that to me or my team. *peace*

Just remember this, "Jangan jadi orang yang hanya pandai mengkritik sedangkan kita sendiri terlalu banyak kelemahan. Belajar mensyukuri segala ketetapan Allah SWT, walaupun kita mungkin tidak menyukainya..." 
This also serves as a reminder to myself. We might not always like the things we hear or see, but we need to learn how to respect others.

This new business has also enable me to make more friends, widen my network of contacts and meet inspiring individuals. A meeting with the founder, reassured me to why I entered this business. He made me see amazing opportunities ahead. As a team, I will ensure that everyone will grow and be better individuals then before they stepped into the business. I'm also now like a big sister to many of my team members which is such a great feeling! Alhamdulillah! ;)

I started a sceptic and is now a believer. My hands were trembling at the ATM machine when I wanted to withdraw my first payout. I told myself, if this were true and not a scam, may this rezeki that I receive be a start to many more great things ahead. The husband took a video of me giggling in front of the ATM machine, he said, this is a milestone in history. This payout is the first of many more to come, Insya'Allah. And so, I took that money out and flashed it, because I want people to see that it is NOT as scam. What I took out was what the company gave me. I did not purposely do that just to show off. It was to state a point, that what I am doing is for real. This business might not make you a millionaire, but it allows you to have that extra passive income, just so you can lead a more comfortable lifestyle, the kind that will allow you to breathe and enjoy life a little bit more, Insya'Allah... Thank you Allah for this amazing opportunity. It has been a challenging but a very fulfilling journey. I want people to see my vision and if I'm able to do that, then something about what i'm doing, is right. Subahan'Allah. ;)

My team is growing steadily but surely. And I will do my best to be with them, guide them with the right knowledge and skills to grow themselves. Insya'Allah...If you would like to give this opportunity a chance, do join me in my sharing sessions. Just keep an open mind and have a listen, you might just be pleasantly surprised. I just need one hour of your time to share about what I'm doing. If you're on Facebook, do LIKE my fanpage, Nona Kirana. I'll update regularly on the schedules of my sharing session there.. Alternatively, you can email me at for details. Tentatively, the schedule is as such. 

- Friday 13 July, 8pm
- Saturday, 14 July, 2pm 

Both sessions will be at a very centralized location. Easily accessible via Bugis, City Hall or Bras Basah mrt. It's best that you email me and we will get back to you on the details. =)

To those in my team, thank you for joining me in this amazing journey. Together, we shall rock Asia and beyond! Have faith, stay true to what you believe in and NEVER give up. May Allah bless us and always be by our side in our course of wanting to have a better life. Insya'Allah. =)

Go TEAM NONA! *winks*