Friday, June 8, 2012

hey you anonymous!

Dear Anonymous,

Firstly, I do not appreciate the anonymity when passing such cynical comments. It just shows what kind of a person you are for not owning up to such damaging remarks. Cowardly, I must say. 

Secondly, you should get your facts right before making such statements.

Multi-level marketing has existed for decades and they have proven to be successful, if you follow the system closely and put your heart and soul in it. Amway, Herbalife, Avon, 4Life are some of the MLM companies that have transcend the years and are still at the top of the MLM pie. I have utmost respect for those who stay in the business for years and achieved profitable gains that they deserved.  It’s a proven business system and has made millionaires out of those who worked hard.

Again, I do not see any fault with multi-level marketing, because it’s a good business system that works. Do you even have any idea how these people work hard to recruit their downlines, train them, keep them motivated so as to make their sales and knock on doors so that they can sell their products? It's hard work and definitely not for those who prefer a safe and secure type of job. However, I do admit that the idea of MLM have been somewhat tarnished over the years. This is the fault of irresponsible individuals who misrepresent and misuse the system that puts a bad name to MLM. But hey, you can't possibly have all good eggs in one basket, right? So, even if i am doing MLM, I believe in the system and it has given me a good source of income. I see no wrong in what I do and would like to share it with like-minded individuals. 

Next, do you even have any idea what is a pyramid? Let me just share it with you in case you’re ignorant of it. A pyramid scheme is a NON-SUSTAINABLE business model  that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or SALE OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES  to the public. It’s a pure MONEY GAME. There's is a limit to it and is indeed illegal in Singapore. 

With all that said, I feel that your statement is very judgmental, unfair and ridiculous. You do not even bother to find out what I am doing, but choose to make such a comment based on what I wrote. However, I pity you for having such thoughts because I know so many individuals like yourself. People who envy others doing well, scrutinizing them all you want, when the real cause is you just can’t be bothered to better your life and scrutinize your own shortfall and lack of commendable achievements in life.  But perhaps, you need some kind of self-reflection and work on your thoughts before you blurt things out. Successful people have no time to judge and criticize without a proper basis or argument. Big minds have no space for such trivialities and pessimism. 

Perhaps you might have been duped at some point in your life by an irresponsible MLM person. I'm sorry that you had to go through such an experience. But one bad egg in a carton doesn't necessarily mean all the other eggs are just as bad, right?

Anonymous, I wish you all the best in your life, because it is not my position to see you do something about it. Good luck. 

Yours truly, 


  1. Good one Nona. And yes ms/mr anonymous. Do not try to act smart!

  2. thank you Hani. yes, we need to slowly work on changing the mindset of the community that MLM and network marketing is bad. it is a good business system and indeed profitable if you do it right! ;)


    Just a good info that i read... Hope this helps...