Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the 3 rules

How true. Life sometimes is about stepping out of your comfort zone and believing that better things are ahead. My husband once said to me, that in order for us to step out this rat race, we need to be brave and take chances, calculated risks, he said. We are all too settled in our comfort zone. We are sometimes afraid to explore the unknown. 

This business has made me see things differently. It's has also brought out the good and sometimes bad in certain people that I've crossed paths with. It has taught me the value of patience and perseverance. It's no easy task to convince someone to see the way you see things. But I take that as a challenge, a positive one. "I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying." said Michael Jordan. And I totally share the same sentiments as him. This learning process has been amazing and such an eye opener. I will continue trying my best to help those around me stay motivated and see great potential in what lies ahead. Let's focus on our strengths and challenge our limits!

Of course there are moments when I feel like giving up, but that's not who I am. In fact, I thrive on these so called rejections. You see, all my life, it has been about proving people WRONG. I had to fend for myself, work hard, achieve what I want and show these cynical people that I am not what they think I am. For now, I am focusing on expanding my business and sharing it with like-minded individuals... those who are out to make a better living for themselves and those they love. How many of us toil day and night so that we can bring rice to the table. Wouldn't it be nice if we can just make that little extra income, to supplement what we already have? Yes, I am very much blessed for what I'm earning currently, but I've always believed in striving for better, so that I can provide the people I love with a more comfortable lifestyle. I choose not to be complacent and too easily contented. That's just who I am. I feel, the more we have, the higher capacity we have to give to those in need. May we all have the heart to someday provide when needed and give while we can afford. Insya'Allah. 

You might have said no to me. It's OK. Really. Because it is not my loss. In fact, I thank you for driving me even further to my goal. For giving me the hunger to succeed and do even better. Thank you. :)

I shall GO for whatever that I want. I shall ASK for whatever that I want. I shall STEP FORWARD and be ahead of where I have been. Insya'Allah. And so should YOU. ;)

With that said, I can't wait to MEET MY POTENTIALS this Friday!!! There's limited spaces left. Do email me if you're keen to explore what I'm doing. 

Happy Midweek everyone! =D

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