Thursday, May 17, 2012

living this short life

"It's not about how long you live, but how you live your life." 
Wow. How true. So many people I know have short lived their amazing lives. They are those kind ones that were gone too soon. And then there are a group of people who waste their entire lives, just because they have no clear path to follow. Sad, but it happens. 

I hate to say this but LIFE is difficult. It also is getting more and more stressful nowadays. Almost daily we are under pressure to meet someone's expectations of us.
When we were much younger, we were so carefree and much happier. We weren't bothered my the many problems that we face as an adult today. However, as we grow older, we face people who may bring negativities into our lives. We absorb and somehow, these worries get to us. 
Somehow our brain is like a computer, we feed ourselves with information all the time, be it good or bad, useful or redundant. We develop social phobias. What if we don't meet up to society's expectation of us? We learn that there are lot of bad things happening in the world and it is our responsibility to worry for them. In Singapore, it is now about having a "stable job" and "making enough money" so that we can live the lifestyle that we want or dream of. Agreed, no?
Now that I'm married, having a stable flow of income for the family is of utmost importance. Like it or not, my husband and I, have to work hard so that we can bring rice to the table, pay for the house and everything else that comes along with it. We need money to run the family. 
Despite the stress, we have grown as a couple. We have learnt to not beat ourselves up if faced with alot of stress. At the end of the day, we need to learn how to live a happy life because, when we are happy, good things will come, as supposed to the opposite. 
Live today. Decide to live your life. Set the ball in motion by living today and make the best it. Then make the best of tomorrow. Start the ball rolling and go from one day to the next. Do not dwell on the sorrows of the past. We need to learn how to quickly move on once we've fallen. It's not easy, but when you practice this often, it becomes a habit. 
My husband and I have made a promise, to live a better life than what we had before. To slowly build our little kingdom and turn it into a happy empire of souls. If we believe we can, then we will, Insya'Allah. 
I smile when I look at successful people with a successful and happy family. I'm inspired and in awe of their love and closeness. I am still striving towards that because at the end of the day, we work hard for the people we love. We give in and sacrifice because we treasure these people. 
Life is short. So do we waste it on being too stressed or emotionally affected all the time? Or do make the best of what comes along, and find temporary happiness in the passing moments? You decide, my friends. ;)

As for me, I choose to be happy despite the passing storm. I know this journey is going to be an amazing one. Someday, the storm will pass and the sun will shine. By then, I would have been a much stronger person and ready for the next passing whirlwind.  Insya'Allah. I've got my beautiful little family and that is enough to make me smile and be thankful about LIFE. ;)

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  1. Wonderful write-up. Yeah.. i believe strongly about having a happy family.. That's life. That's us..:)