Monday, May 28, 2012

jump and explore!

I have utmost respect for highly driven and motivated individuals. It takes alot of mind and willpower to chase your dreams and keep running after it despite the falls and heartaches. As for myself, this drive in me to always be positive and do well in life has got to do with my personal background and history. The life I had when I was small and growing up in a very challenging environment has moulded me into what I am today. I enjoy being motivated and I feel happy when I get to motivate those around me. Let's not allow our past history to get in the way of our future success. ;)

People who possess the gift of motivating other people are a rare breed, indeed. People who possess the power to motivate tend to be highly-motivated individuals themselves. But fortunately for all, deep within, I believe that the average person also has the ability to motivate other people and help them perform miracles. You don't need to be Gandhi or Mother Theresa to change the world because you can start with changing yourself and helping those around your network FIRST. When one person does an act of kindness, it is infectious. This act will be viral and spread all over. That is how you change mindsets and improve the lives of others. We need to start with OURSELVES first before we can dream about changing the community and then perhaps, even the world...

Most people believe that they can't have, do, or be what they want because of outside forces working against them. Someone has been in the way. The timing just wasn't right. The economic downturn is a problem. The current government administration is to blame. They don't have enough time. They have too many responsibilities already. Too many people are relying on them to keep doing what they're doing. They believe life is simply unfair, and it's not their fault. They are victims of fate. I hate to blame others or find excuses for my shortfalls. It's not my style. When you stop pointing fingers at others and start focusing on yourself, that's when you become a wiser person. It has worked for me so far. I do not enjoy blaming others because we should be responsible for our actions and the outcome.

Today, I am still exploring opportunities to grow myself and be a better individual. I thank ALLAH for allowing me to cross paths with amazing individuals. When I see successful people, I smile because I know they went through so much to be where they are right now. For me, success comes with a lot of sweat and blood. We can all tap into our potential and do beyond our standard capabilities. If you are shy, but somehow wish that you will outgrow this shyness and speak up, start with saying hello to random colleagues you meet in the lift, or telling someone in the mrt that they look nice today. BUT, be sincere in those praises and little conversations. Challenge yourself to step out of that comfort zone and do it!

 Recently, I jumped onto an opportunity to make my life better and perhaps even achieve financial freedom. I'm still exploring the system and it looks promising. It has been exciting so far. Alhamdulillah. As much as I'd like to shout it to the world, let me keep it low for now and prove my worth. I will share it when the time is right.

Ya ALLAH, if this is it, please bless me with your rezeki so that I can continue helping people I love and also those around me, to do better and improve our lives. Please give me strength to continue inspiring and motivating these people. I will not forsake the opportunity that YOU have given me and will do my best, with YOUR blessings. May Iman and Taqwa be with me and all Muslims at all times. AMIN.

JUMP & EXPLORE your hidden potential dearest readers! Do it, for the outcome might surprise you! ;)

Meanwhile, wish me luck! ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

living this short life

"It's not about how long you live, but how you live your life." 
Wow. How true. So many people I know have short lived their amazing lives. They are those kind ones that were gone too soon. And then there are a group of people who waste their entire lives, just because they have no clear path to follow. Sad, but it happens. 

I hate to say this but LIFE is difficult. It also is getting more and more stressful nowadays. Almost daily we are under pressure to meet someone's expectations of us.
When we were much younger, we were so carefree and much happier. We weren't bothered my the many problems that we face as an adult today. However, as we grow older, we face people who may bring negativities into our lives. We absorb and somehow, these worries get to us. 
Somehow our brain is like a computer, we feed ourselves with information all the time, be it good or bad, useful or redundant. We develop social phobias. What if we don't meet up to society's expectation of us? We learn that there are lot of bad things happening in the world and it is our responsibility to worry for them. In Singapore, it is now about having a "stable job" and "making enough money" so that we can live the lifestyle that we want or dream of. Agreed, no?
Now that I'm married, having a stable flow of income for the family is of utmost importance. Like it or not, my husband and I, have to work hard so that we can bring rice to the table, pay for the house and everything else that comes along with it. We need money to run the family. 
Despite the stress, we have grown as a couple. We have learnt to not beat ourselves up if faced with alot of stress. At the end of the day, we need to learn how to live a happy life because, when we are happy, good things will come, as supposed to the opposite. 
Live today. Decide to live your life. Set the ball in motion by living today and make the best it. Then make the best of tomorrow. Start the ball rolling and go from one day to the next. Do not dwell on the sorrows of the past. We need to learn how to quickly move on once we've fallen. It's not easy, but when you practice this often, it becomes a habit. 
My husband and I have made a promise, to live a better life than what we had before. To slowly build our little kingdom and turn it into a happy empire of souls. If we believe we can, then we will, Insya'Allah. 
I smile when I look at successful people with a successful and happy family. I'm inspired and in awe of their love and closeness. I am still striving towards that because at the end of the day, we work hard for the people we love. We give in and sacrifice because we treasure these people. 
Life is short. So do we waste it on being too stressed or emotionally affected all the time? Or do make the best of what comes along, and find temporary happiness in the passing moments? You decide, my friends. ;)

As for me, I choose to be happy despite the passing storm. I know this journey is going to be an amazing one. Someday, the storm will pass and the sun will shine. By then, I would have been a much stronger person and ready for the next passing whirlwind.  Insya'Allah. I've got my beautiful little family and that is enough to make me smile and be thankful about LIFE. ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

about a mother's love

Mother's Day was different this year. I am a mother, for real. Ashayr is now 7 months old. He is indeed the best gift ever. He has taught me how to give without expecting anything in return. Growing up in a broken family since I was a baby, meant that I didn't quite enjoy the real love of a mother and father. I grew up with my aunt whom I address as Ibu. She was everything to me. She worked hard, single handedly to take care of my siblings and I. She got married when I was 4 and instantly, I got a father. However, his life was short lived and he passed away when I was 12, about 2 months before my PSLE. That was tough.

My life has been pretty much complicated ever since. My family is no where near perfect. But we survived. It was tough growing up, but we learn to value money and life even more. I had to work hard for the things I wanted. My Ibu worked a 12 hour shift as a factory operator. Her salary was measly but she brought us up with whatever amount she made each month. We survived as a family.

You see, my Ibu is the tough love sort. She will NEVER express her love for me verbally but would show it through her actions, like cooking my favourite food. She went through a tough life herself and that explains her grumpy character. But I know deep in her heart, I was her favourite. I know she loves me.

Being a mother is not just about giving birth to a human being, but caring and loving that soul with all that your heart can give. Haris came into my life when he was 6 months old. My sister got divorced and I decided to take him in, as my own. It was a cycle all over again. I grew up with my aunt, and Haris is doing so with me. I made a promise to love him like my own. I made a promise to never mistreat him. He has been a blessing and brought so much sunshine into my life. When i decided to take him in, I remember so many making cynical remarks. I shoved those negativities aside, because deep in my heart I knew I couldn't forsake him. He loves me unconditionally and I know that.

I hope that Ashayr will grow up just the same. As loving and caring as his elder brother. Because at the end of the day, I do not expect anything but love from these boys. We reap what we sow and I shall shower these boys with all the love that I can give, unconditionally. Motherhood is life changing.

To Ibu,
The day you decided to take care of my siblings and I, was the day that changed your life. You've sacrificed so much just to put us through school and to make sure there was rice on the table. You taught me to fight and survive. Eventhough you've never said you love me, I know that deep in your heart, you do. Thank you for being such a strong woman. Thank you for all that you've sacrificed so that I could be what I am today. I am what I am because of your support. You've never said no to my crazy dreams and you've supported me in whatever that I set my heart out for. You are the reason to how far I've come today. Ibu, I love you and I promise to take care of you till your last breath...

To Haris & Ashayr,
Thank you for being such amazing sons. You are the reason why I wake up each day with a smile. My life will be dedicated to you, I promise. Against all odds, I will do my best to make sure your grow up to be great individuals, Insya'Allah. I love you, my sons.

Alhamdulillah. I am blessed with what is called Motherhood. I shall take on this role with pride and will continue to do my best to be an awesome mother. One that you boys will be very proud of.

To all Mothers, may our love and sacrifice be reciprocated and appreciated someday.... Insya'Allah.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

hoping for that wonderful something

I don't know about you. But there are moments in my life, when I'm jaded. Like what am I doing on this earth? Do I have to put up with such routine in my life? Why is my life so monotonous and mundane? Well, I question myself at times. But then again, there are the moments I wake up and say, it's going to be a beautiful day. And I hold on to that secret hope that something wonderful will happen.

I'm growing older each day and so are the people I love and adore. Health above money is of utmost important at this point. When I fell sick with flu, cough & fever a week ago, I felt helpless. I was so weak that all I wanted to do was lie down in bed and not do anything. Then again, lying down too much made me feel miserable. I will tell myself to get up, snap out of it and move on, pretend that I'm alright, even though I'm so sick.

Being miserable is so much easier to carry out as compared to being happy. Agree? It's quite brainless to keep pointing fingers at others and blame everything else on this earth (but yourself) for the misery that you're going through. When I'm sad, I cry. It makes me feel a little better. Then, I talk to God. At least HE is willing to listen. I cry and ask him, WHY ME? Till today, He has yet to reply. But I'll figure it out someday.

The husband said this to me, "You're a public figure. People think you're doing so well. It's ok. Take it as a responsibility." I dislike the term "celebrity". Seriously. I'm just as normal as you are. It's because of the work that I do, people recognise me. And for that, I'm thankful. Other than that, I'm still your regular 28 year old working mother, who gets tired of the routine sometimes and goes through moments of struggle just to put everything together.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Unfortunately, that is how most of us perceive things. We need to learn how to appreciate and make do with the grass on our side, and that takes skill and effort. Do not envy those who are doing better off than you, in fact, question yourself to what is it that you are doing wrong, that disallow you to be as successful or better off than them. Hatred and vengeance gets you nowhere, trust me.

Today, I'm feeling a little miserable. But it's ok. Because I know God will never disown me for as long as I have faith in him. Tomorrow, i shall wake up and continue hoping that some miracle will happen. Tomorrow shall be a better day than today. Tomorrow, I shall continue hoping that something wonderful will happen. Amin.