Wednesday, April 25, 2012

keep going!

Saw this quote on Facebook and it moved me. I was never a quitter. I hate losing and I will work hard for whatever that I set my heart for. Success never comes easy. Successful people have to work hard day in and day out, just to be at the top. While, those mediocre ones will just sit around and watch. Complain and bitch about those doing really well. Positive minded individuals do not quit. It is as simple as that. Once you quit, it does become a habit. Once you give up too easily, it becomes a norm. Then you loathe in self-pity and wonder why is the world against you.

My life has been nothing but a challenge. Things NEVER come easy for me. Growing up in a broken home, proving my worth in school, carving out a name in the industry. Its has NEVER been easy. Yes, there are moments when I'm tempted to give up. But, for what? Why should I just throw in the towel? Simply because things don't go my way. No. I refuse to give in.

My mother fell sick and was admitted into the hospital because her lungs seems to be failing. She's on the oxygen support machine for now. It saddens me to see her health slowly deteriorating and the fact is, she is growing old. This is the woman who worked hard as a factory operator, working 12 hours shifts, to bring up my siblings and I single handedly. She is amazing and I love her for being such a strong woman. I can't imagine a life without her because she is the closest I've got to a mother figure.

Challenges comes in all forms at different parts of our lives. I'm facing a whole new set of challenges at this point and I'm standing on the bridge, thinking and deciding, should I jump or not? Should I take the risk and jump? Cos I know I will struggle and swim and stay afloat no matter what? Or should I stay safe and dry on that familiar bridge? Yes, I'm at that point. I need new challenges. I need to make things work for myself and the people I love.

Sometimes in life, we need to just keep going for the sake of people we love. We cannot quit because quitting will kill our spirit. Do it for people you love. Do it because you deserve the best. Winners don't quit. And so I won't and will never. KEEP GOING and don't ever give up! ;)

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