Thursday, April 26, 2012


When Ashayr was teething, he was drooling so much that I had to change his bib every few hours cos it got drenched with saliva. I do have normal bibs that was bought way before he was born, but after a while, it got boring. I enjoy dressing him up and came across the BANDANA BIB, which was fabulous. It's like a fashion statement for babies.

Some have asked me about it, and because I enjoy sharing the love, I have brought in some one of a kind pieces. These Bandana Bibs are so cute and also comfortable to wear. It comes all the way from the UK yo! Since I've only got ONE piece of each, it's on a first come first served basis.

Here you go.. Ashayr Fancy Bandana Bibs! Selling at $17.90 each. A little steep, I know, but it's worth it cos it's a unique piece! ;)









My little boy was such a good model and behaved throughout. Haha.. Anyway, if you're interested, please email me at as such: 

Contact No:
Item Name: 
Postage Preference: Normal or Registered Mail

Do take note that I prefer registered mail so that the items do not get lost. So it's $17.90 + $2.50 = $20.40

But if you prefer normail mail, then it's still ok.. but don't blame me if it gets lost in the mail! =(

Ok! Go! ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

keep going!

Saw this quote on Facebook and it moved me. I was never a quitter. I hate losing and I will work hard for whatever that I set my heart for. Success never comes easy. Successful people have to work hard day in and day out, just to be at the top. While, those mediocre ones will just sit around and watch. Complain and bitch about those doing really well. Positive minded individuals do not quit. It is as simple as that. Once you quit, it does become a habit. Once you give up too easily, it becomes a norm. Then you loathe in self-pity and wonder why is the world against you.

My life has been nothing but a challenge. Things NEVER come easy for me. Growing up in a broken home, proving my worth in school, carving out a name in the industry. Its has NEVER been easy. Yes, there are moments when I'm tempted to give up. But, for what? Why should I just throw in the towel? Simply because things don't go my way. No. I refuse to give in.

My mother fell sick and was admitted into the hospital because her lungs seems to be failing. She's on the oxygen support machine for now. It saddens me to see her health slowly deteriorating and the fact is, she is growing old. This is the woman who worked hard as a factory operator, working 12 hours shifts, to bring up my siblings and I single handedly. She is amazing and I love her for being such a strong woman. I can't imagine a life without her because she is the closest I've got to a mother figure.

Challenges comes in all forms at different parts of our lives. I'm facing a whole new set of challenges at this point and I'm standing on the bridge, thinking and deciding, should I jump or not? Should I take the risk and jump? Cos I know I will struggle and swim and stay afloat no matter what? Or should I stay safe and dry on that familiar bridge? Yes, I'm at that point. I need new challenges. I need to make things work for myself and the people I love.

Sometimes in life, we need to just keep going for the sake of people we love. We cannot quit because quitting will kill our spirit. Do it for people you love. Do it because you deserve the best. Winners don't quit. And so I won't and will never. KEEP GOING and don't ever give up! ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Monday

it's Monday and I'm having one of those down crappy days. My mother has been very sick lately. Suspected of heart problem. This whole episode is like deja vu. Exactly what I went through when I was taking care of my grandmother. She's the current care taker of my kids and having to see her all weak, breaks my heart. I hope it's nothing major and may she be well soon.

it's Monday and i'm having one of those fat days. I suppose it's normal, right? We females tend to be a little bit more critical of how we look and sometimes, this feeling gets out of hand. Was browsing through stories of celebs who have shed crazy amount of pounds and i got inspired by this one.


From a size 16 to a 6. Crazy or what! But hey, she did it. So, there's hope for me! Yeay! Since I gave birth, I have to admit that I've been neglecting my body. Depriving myself of good nutritious food and proper exercise. So I made a promise to myself, to get back on track and lose the extra pounds. Slowly but surely. I just need to be more disciplined with my exercise! run. run. run!

It's Monday and I'm having one of those days that I don't feel like working. I just want to laze around at home with my baby and do nothing. But, when I washed up and got ready for work, I forgot about how much I wanted to stay at home. Work keeps me occupied and happy. For that, I'm thankful for a job I love.

It's Monday. So, WHAT! ;)

Monday, April 2, 2012

I do because I love you!

Motherhood has taught me the real meaning of patience & sacrifice. There are days when I'm so drained, mentally & physically, but when Ashayr starts crying and demands my attention, I just have to give in and give him my all. I'm the sort who needs straight 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I remember the first month being so challenging. The lack of sleep made me really cranky. However, as days go by, I learn to love Ashayr even more and would give up anything for him, including my precious sleep. I really do not know how some working mothers do this. To care for their children and still perform well at work. It's just amazing. Now that I'm going through motion, everything seems to be a routine. Motherhood has indeed changed me into a better woman. I give without expecting anything in return.

Becoming a mother is a role that one should be mentally and psychologically prepared for. However, this motherhood thing was NEVER taught in school. You assume the role once you give birth and you just learn. Unfortunately no matter how much one prepares for motherhood, we are not always ready for the relentless crying, sleepless nights, unknown ailments and everything else that comes with the baby package. Some of us develop coping mechanisms, others research to be better informed, and others have a great support system. My husband and mother has got to be my pillars of strength. Without them, I would have crashed. Motherhood has been overwhelming, but I'm coping really well. Alhamdulillah. Biarlah tak cukup tidur, asalkan Ashayr selesa, sihat dan sempurna. I do all these because I love you. 

Of course there are times when i would beat myself up for not being able to be SuperMama. This happens each time I compare myself with other mothers. Comparing doesn't help and I've learnt to STOP doing it. I know I can be the best mother for my children and i am NOT going to pressure myself unnecessarily. Whatever is the case, motherhood comes with a certain delight that is better EXPERIENCED than told. I feel that there is no one size fits all method. Such things DON'T exist in motherhood. Do what you believe is best for your baby, you and your family.

I'm proud to be Ashayr's Mama. At 5 and a half months, he is such a happy and responsive baby. I shall continue showering him with lots of love and kisses (and lesser toys). I may not be the best mother in the world. But I know that each day, I am doing my best to be the BEST mother that he will ever have. Baby Ashayr, I love you! 

In any case, Ashayr will be in the Mother's Day edition of Manja magazine, this May! My baby was such a professional and he barely cried and did not throw any tantrums during the 8 hour long photoshoot! Steady la Sayang! Can't wait to see the final product!! ;)