Friday, March 9, 2012

my boy is 8!

Haris turned 8 years old on 7 March 2012. Being the mature minded kid, he doesn't mind not having any celebration for his birthday. But, the husband and i decided to do something different this year. Since the arrival of Ashayr, i have to admit that Haris has been getting a little less attention because now there's 2 kid in the house. However, Haris has never make such a big fuss about Ashayr. He adores his little brother and, alhamdullillah, there has never been a moment of jealousy between him and Ashayr.

So... on the eve of his birthday, i told him that i was sorry i couldn't do any party or anything like that because I've been so busy.. and he said.. "It's ok Mama.. I don't mind." My heart sank because i could feel a tinge of disappointment in his voice. The husband and i scrambled to make last minute plans. I managed to email his teacher and told her about my plans to have a mini celebration during recess. His teacher was cool enough and said ok to the idea.

Since it was too late to order a cake, I tweeted about cupcakes and Yati came to the rescue. Her cupcakes are SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! It's Red Velvet cupcakes with chocolate filling. You can follow her on twitter, find Yatifadeolie. Thanks Yati for saving the day! Your cupcakes were so delicious that the kids asked for more! One kid even said, "Aunty, your cupcakes so delicious. You make or order?" I replied that i ordered it and the kid replied, "Can give me the contact number? I also want to ask my mother to order for my birthday in DECEMBER.". I giggled. So cute la these kids.

Haris classmates came up to me first during recess cos i had the table all set up already. And then came the birthday boy. He was indeed pleasantly surprised. We sang a birthday song, cut the cake (which we bought on the same morning) and ate the cupcakes, followed by Haris giving away his goodie bags. 30 minutes went by so quickly and recess was finally over.

That was it. Part 1 of his birthday surprise. And then once he reached home. I told him to dress up cos we are going somewhere nice. He had no idea where we were going but i can tell that he was very much excited. There was once when we went to do our maghrib prayers at the musollah at Royal Plaza on Scotts and Haris asked me while pointing at Carousel, "Mama, can we eat at that fancy restaurant? I've never been there before." Well, my family and i rarely eat out and even if we do, fancy restaurants are a once in a blue moon thing. So i thought. ok. let's surprise him. We brought him to Carousel for high tea. And he LOVED it. The staff also gave him a surprise by singing him a birthday song and presenting him with a cupcake.

All in all, it was a great birthday celebration for Haris. Despite the last minute arrangements, it went well. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, here are some pictures of what happened on 7 March.

Haris and his classmates after singing him a birthday song. 

The last minute Oreo Cake we got from Prima Deli which the kids love! 

"Aunty, your baby sooo cute!!"

With his best friend, Liam on his left and the good looking Ashraf on his right. 

Pretty primary 3 girls checking out Ashayr. 

The DELICOUS cupcakes by Yati @Yatifadeolie

With Uncle Carlson! 

My wonderful boys. 

They wore the vest because i think it's cute! ;)

Our perfect little family. =)

Dearest Haris, 

Thank you for being the sunshine in my life for the past 8 years. Your positive attitude towards life makes you a gem to take care of. Thank you for always doing your best to be the best son I can ever have. Thank you for being an amazing big brother to Ashayr. Taking care of you and watching you grow up has been such a joy. I'm sure that you will grow up to be a fine young man someday. I hope that you will always be blessed with good health, happiness, wisdom and also be able to achieve everything that you set out for. A mother can only pray and do her best for her son and that is what i hope to do for you till i grow old. Remember, a mother is not just someone who gave birth to you, but also someone who took care of you and watch you grow. I saw your first steps. I cried when you first called me Mama. When you entered playgroup, you bravely said bye-bye to me, walked straight into class and sat right in front while some of your other classmates were crying their hearts out for their mothers. Your confidence amazes me. You are still that confident and caring young boy and I'm very proud of that. Haris, may Allah always protect you. May you grow up to be an amazing and respectful young man. May all of your prayers be answered by the Almighty. Mama and Abah promise to do our best for you and your siblings. We promise to always love you like our own. 

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY,  my son... =)



  1. insya'allah he will (: he is a understanding lil boi.. i guess he pretty much love his lil brother ?? well i hope and pray that will grow up fast and be gd son to a gd mother.. AMEEN (:

  2. Salam NonaKirana,

    You're such a kind hearted person/mother.
    Semoga Allah SWT memberi kesenangan dan rezeki yg melimpah to your whole family. Insya Allah. Amin.

  3. I don't know why I teared reading this post. Guess it touched me so much. It's true what Ashleea said, you're such a kind person. Semoga sentiasa dilindungiNYa. Amin.