Thursday, February 2, 2012

make it work!

Being back at work means lesser time for my baby. I'm still getting used to being away from Ashayr. I am truly blessed with such an amazing baby. I would describe him as a happy baby. Easy to handle and seldom cries. His smiley face is enough to take all the tiredness away after a long day.

I wish i have more than 24 hours in a day. I wish i could dedicate more time for my boys. Haris has been a wonderful big brother to Ashayr. He takes his role and responsibilities seriously. I am proud to have Haris look after Ashayr whenever i'm away at work. And i'm also thankful for my mother who seems much happier these days because of Ashayr. Kata orang, anak itu rezeki dan membawa kebahagiaan. How true. My family is more together nowadays. We are definitely happier. Alhamdulillah.

 The husband has exceeded my expectations when it comes to taking care of Ashayr. Since i'm the one who does night feedings, early mornings are for him to handle. I have to applaud him for his excellent skills in changing Ashayr's diapers and clean ups. Macam pro! hehe. And it's kinda adorable to see my husband baby talk once in a while (cos it sure didnt happen when we were dating! haha!). Sayang, you're an awesome husband and Abah! Thank you for everything that you have done for us. We truly appreciate it. Oh ya, we turned ONE as a couple on 1 Jan 2012. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to us!!! =)

Ok, back to my point, as a mother, of course i would love to be there for my children. I want to be there when Ashayr starts flipping onto his tummy/ starts crawling/ taking his first steps/ hear him say "MAMA!".. I want to be there for all of the important moments in his life. But... i'm a working mum, and with that comes its limitations. Haiz. I know i would enjoy staying at home and taking care of the kids but i also know that i'd get bored and will feel down if i don't put my brain and body to good use. When i'm home, i think about working and making money. When i'm at work, i think about spending time with my boys. So, how like that?

 Life is just magical. They way Allah has written your path, is a beautiful mystery. I've been at the crossroads one time too many. But, HE has often shown me the way. For now, i shall enjoy each passing moment as a working mother before something else comes along. Something better, hopefully.. Insya'Allah. (I secretly wish to live the tai-tai life, but that definitely won't happen anytime soon lorrr!!! )

Ahhhh... Nikmat betul kehidupan berumahtangga. Semua yang dibuat terasa senang dan tenang. Bahagia itu timbul bila kita dapat membahagiakan orang yang kita sayang. Masya'Allah. Now i'm that i'm married, i don't ever want to go back to being single, because i have found my soulmate and am blessed with wonderful sons. Just to go slightly off tangent, now that i have two boys, let's aim for TWO girls and we close shop ok!  haha!! But! not anytime soon!!! =PP

Life is gooooood cos you just need to MAKE IT WORK! 

Enjoy these random pictures! =)

Us on our Anniversary and a nice lunch at Sofra after our Sunday religious class. ;)

The BIG Brother, coaxing the little one to pose... 

Abang Haris & my boolat boy at Explorer Kids! 

Us, at Universal Studios... 

My two boys having a conversation! ;)

Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to care and love these wonderful people. Thank you for blessing me with their love and presence. Thank you for another day, to be a wife, mother and daughter. YOU are indeed GREAT. 

Till next time my loves! =)

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  1. I am very impressed with e way haris entertained him.pandai berbahasa melayu.very impressive.ur baby response well to him too. I can feel u. Its never easy to juggle both. I m in ur situation. Insyaallah all will go smooth one day. I spend more time with kids when i m at pun da kurang. Dun worry dear.i m sure we make great mummies despite having a career.insyallah.