Monday, February 20, 2012

i think i am phat. do you?

You look at celebrities and wonder, how can anyone be so gorgeous and perfect.. the nice toned/slim body, thick luscious hair, silky smooth skin.. unrealistic perfection basically. Well, i feel you. We then gloat in self-pity and wonder why am i not like them? I believe that God is fair. He creates us the way we are for a very much valid reason. Ok. Got the point. So, what am i trying to say? Well ladies, it's ok to look at other "perfect" females with envy. BUT! not too much till it leads to self-destruction.

I'm in an industry where the skinny and pretty get to go a little bit further that those with a little bit more flesh. Find me a CHUBBY female hosting a LOCAL tv show. Hmmmmmmmmm.... None that i can recall. I don't act, nor do i sing. But hosting is something that i enjoy. That's why i enjoy my job in radio. I get HEARD and not SEEN as much. Having said that, one of the things that i somehow hope to do before i retire from the industry is to host a Travelogue of some sort. BUT! i'm not skinny! nor am i gorgeous. So, how like that? Ah wells.

I gained 22kg when i was pregnant. To date, i have lost 15kg, which means i need to lose 7 more to be back to my pre-pregnancy/wedding weight. It seems like a challenge, especially with the newfound role as a mother. I miss exercising. I miss sweating buckets and stepping out of the gym feeling like you've accomplished something. I'm not a morning person and having to wake up in the middle of the night for feeds is still a challenge. This interupted sleep for the past 4 months has turned me into a zombie in the mornings. Once Ashayr starts sleeping through the night, perhaps i can get back on track and go full force on my workouts.

When it comes to food, surprisingly, i dont eat alot. My friends can vouch that for me. But i have this weird body system where i can diet like crazy and still put on weight. For me, the key is EXERCISE. So here i am gloating about how fat i feel and that it's all back to square one. It's just a phase. I know i'll get over it. Somehow, marriage makes you a little complacent. I admit. Heh. BUT, i am to be a hot mummy and shall therefore continue striving towards a healthier lifestyle and a slimmer physique. It may seem like a daunting journey, but i know i'll get through it. I was a size 20 at one point and dropped till a size 10. And today, i'm back to a 14/16. In America, i'm "averaged" size.. But in Singapore, i'm HUGE. Unfair, i know. That's life, so we either have to deal with it or live with it.

Therefore, if you are those kind who oggle at perfect beauties and wonder, why am i not like that? Remember, i'm beside you, oggling just the same. Haha. Let's get over it and work on ourselves. That's what  i'll do. No diet pills. Crash diets. Crazy workout routines. Just simple shifts in our lifestyle, towards a healthier and more meaningful one, with hopes of losing the pounds!

Someday.. i shall turn from this..

to this!!

I will get (near) there! haha! Let's get phat, yo! ;)


  1. I remember Norleena Salim hosting a local show.. & she was plus sized then and she is damn fantabulous.

    I guess when you're talented, people just stop and forget abt ur physique and start enjoying on ur talent.

    I dun think it jz applies to hosting only but Everything.
    Modelling, acting, singing.
    For example, Susan boyle, she can sing soooo well.. She is not thin or wats not. But she is good. N we all enjoy her singing.

    I just believe it all boils down to self confidence and being comfy in ur own body. Being size one doesnt make u go up, but having a talent and making full use of it will get u sumwhere.

    Just my two cents worth.

  2. thanks Ria for your perspective. but being in the industry, pure talent itself is just not enough. good pr and making the right connections can get you a long way. both are something that i need to work on. haha. oh wells. thank you again for ur comment! it's something for me to ponder upon! ;)

  3. Hi Nona, just look at Adele. Big & Beautiful :)