Saturday, December 31, 2011

bye 2011. hello 2012.

So here goes my last entry of the year...

In 2011...

I got married on 1 January.

Haris started primary 1 on 3 January.

I went to Sri Lanka for my honeymoon on 3 February.

I found out I was pregnant on 14 February.

We got to know that I’m carrying a baby boy on 23 may.

I celebrated my 27th birthday as a married woman on 18 June.

We welcomed our firstborn son on 12 October.

Ashayr went for his first family holiday to KL on 27 December.

These might just be dates to some people, but each of it holds a very significant meaning to me. God plans out your life such. 2011 has been an amazing roller coaster ride for me. I enjoyed its ups and downs. Some corners were rough while some bends were smoother. An exhilarating ride it has been.

Marriage and motherhood has taught me to grow up and love unselfishly. It’s no longer just about me, but also people around me, especially those whom I love. A year went by so quickly and I barely got to breathe and absorb the entire situation. At times, I still can’t believe I’m married and that I gave birth to a beautiful little human being. 2011 is just too significant for my 27 years of existence on earth. 2011, you have been great but it's time to move on.

So, what do i want for 2012? Simple. I hope to find myself and be closer to the Almighty. It's time to rediscover my passion, make a difference and be a happier person than before. I give too much that i have nothing left for ME. 2012 shall be done differently, insya'allah.

For what lies ahead, let's pray for strength and courage to be a better person than before, to be able to weather the storm and the strong winds ahead, to be a wiser person when choices cross our paths, to be a responsible human being for ourselves and those around us, to live this life the best way we can.

May ALLAH be with us in everything that we put our hearts and minds into. Amin.

Goodbye 2011. Welcome 2012. =)

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