Friday, November 11, 2011

Khair Ashayr

They say a child is a gift from God. A child changes your life forever. How true. For nine months, I carried a little human being inside me. It is an experience only a mother can appreciate and for that, I’m truly blessed and thankful to the one above. 

On 12 October, after battling with labour pains for almost 12 hours, my son was delivered via an emergency c-section at 1215am. I was on general anesthesia and only got to see my baby at 130am. I must say that it took me a while to realize that this baby just came out from my stomach. I was still groggy from the anesthesia and painkillers and therefore, was still pretty much confused from the whole occasion. I was overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions. 

On the same day, visitors started pouring in at 10am. For those who came, I’m sorry if I couldn’t entertain you as much as I’d love to. The pain was just too overwhelming and the painkillers were making me extremely groggy. But, both my husband and I are very grateful for your presence in celebrating our son’s birth into this world. Thank you to our family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances for your presence, gifts and contributions. Thank you also to my facebook and twitter friends for your well wishes. Hisham and I are grateful and thankful to know that there are so many who care. So, thank you again. =) 

This is our son. 
Mohamed Khair Ashayr Bin Mohamed Hisham
He weighs 3.7kg at birth and is 52 cm long. 

Khair means “blessings, wealth, benevolence and goodness” while Ashayr means “wise and knowledgeable”. Like most parents, we do want the best for our son and prays that he grows up to be a great man. Insya’Allah we will provide him with all that he needs, especially unconditional love and care. Ashayr is our wonderful little blessing. Tomorrow he turns exactly a month old. It has been a rollercoaster ride for me so far, both physically and emotionally. This whole mother hood experience has taught me a lot of patience.

The adaptation process was quite challenging. The lack of sleep, the pain from the operation, the inability to move around as much as I used to, the crying of the baby and not knowing what’s wrong, all these has made me a better mother , wife and woman. We learn to give wholeheartedly. We learn to love this little person without expecting anything in return. We learn to care and provide for the baby because that is what mothers are supposed to do. Motherhood is an amazing learning journey.

 Now that I’ve settled and become more adapted to the feeding and sleeping routine, I can function better even with little rest. I’m getting used to the routine and I do hope that it will get easier in time. The baby blues that I had in the beginning is starting to fade away. I shall embrace this new role and take it on with pride. I'm loving motherhood and i foresee a fulfilling role ahead. Ashayr has been such an angel and easy to take care of. Alhamdulillah. 

 Before i end this entry, here are some pictures taken by Zaki Razali, an upcoming artistic photographer. These amazing shots were taken at the comfort of my house and Ashayr was exactly 3 weeks old. =)

Ashayr, we love you more than words can say. 
Come what may, we shall be with you.  Insya'Allah. 
We love you, son. 

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