Wednesday, September 21, 2011

over 37 weeks!

alhamdulillah, i'm still doing very good so far. hari raya as a wife has been fulfilling and very meaningful. to be heavily pregnant and celebrating it at the same time was quite a challenge, but i'm glad that the husband is a very understanding man.

let's see.. i'm now over 37 weeks and have already gained 14 kg which is ALOT. there are moments where i feel so bloated cos the baby is taking up so much space in my tummy. it seems like the baby is a very active one, squirming around continuously for 20 to 30 mins each time. the baby's head is already engaged since 35 weeks and i can feel the pressure each time i walk. i tell myself to bear with the uncomfortable feeling and NOT waddle. jalan mesti steady. hee..

at this point, i still feel no pain or any irregular contractions. the braxton hicks come and go and lasts for very short periods. should i be worried? hmmm. no actually. i'm more impatient now cos i cant wait to see our baby. =)

last weekend, i did my last show for WARNA this year. my chance to be on stage for the final time before i go for my maternity leave soon. some have asked if i have popped cos they haven't been hearing me on radio or see me on TV. well, not yet. the baby still prefers my tummy for now. heee..

i still feel overwhelmed at times about this whole pregnancy and motherhood deal. are we really ready for it? will i survive labour? what kind of mother would i be? how will i cope with my body after delivery? so many questions and what ifs? however, at the end of the day, i'm glad to have an amazing partner who understands and does his best to make sure things are alright.

hisham has been beyond amazing from the start. he takes care of me and the baby really well. he does his best to provide me with everything that i need to get through this pregnancy. thank you Sayang for being the best partner i can ever have. bestfriends forever, ok? ;)

enough of words. here are some random pictures from here and there over the last few weeks. enjoy!

we went GOLD for the first day of raya...

konon-konon fun shot. lol.

my adorable cousin-in-law, amni.

growing (horizontally) together.. heee..

my second cousin's wedding on 5th syawal!

at Diah's place for raya. =)

with make up artist, Illya, who did my face for WARNA RAYA FIESTA.

exactly 37 weeks pregnant!

syah's and ab shaik's attempt to mimic the two pregnant djs of warna.. syah was me and shaik was zaza, carrying twins. funny or what! lol.

spot the two pregnant djs...

with ex-radio presenters, all the way from 1957 to present day. it was indeed such an honour to have met them. i'm humbled. =)


so there you have it. a summary of what's been going on for the past couple of weeks. it has been a great and fulfilling journey so far. i do not know what lies ahead but that is the beauty of what we call "the future". i'm sure better things await. this little human being inside me has been a blessing and i look forward to receiving it into the world, soon.

meanwhile, your kind prayers are all i seek for a safe delivery and a beautiful, healthy baby... till next time! =)


  1. Kak azah doakan u will have a smooth delivery....insyaALLAH.....amin

  2. Rhea doakan moga nona selamat melahirkan.... Bila da tgk baby nanti, hilang lah segala penat lelah. Chiayoh nona!

  3. Many congrats to you and your hubby!! Such exciting news! I'm a new follower. Looking forward to following along your journey!