Tuesday, August 9, 2011

over 7 months

i'm now on my way to reaching 8 months (gestationally).. surprisingly, the tummy started booming from the 6th to 7th month. the baby suddenly decided to grow excessively and according to my gynae, the baby is "BIG and LONG.." it does worry me because a big baby my lead to a couple of complications. but i shall not let it get to me too much. as long as the baby is healthy, we are happy. i did not put on weight for this month as well. which is a good thing for me cos i'm quite big sized to begin with. so it's 10 kg for now and i bet i will put on a few more before i pop.

this last trimester seems a little bit more challenging. i was truly enjoying my second trimester. felt so energetic and good back then. now, i often suffer from backaches and sleepless nights. there are nights where i cant find just the right position to fall asleep. the baby has been moving alot. now, i can tell where is the baby's head, butt or feet. the baby seems to respond so well when spoken to as well. with that said, Mr H and i are very much excited to welcome the arrival of mini us. it's so surreal. the feeling of having a little baby kicking inside you is beyond description.

there are times where i feel unsure and nervous of what's to come. am i really ready to be a mother? will my labour be alright? how will i react to labour pains? i'm nervous and i can't lie. besides that, i have also grown so huge as compared to what i was in January. i feel so bloated at times. like my whole body has been dipped in water for so long that it's swollen. blame it on the water retention that makes us preggars look like a puffer fish.

Mr H has been the sweetest husband EVER. i cant ask for a better partner. he is GOD sent. he massages my aching back every night. he prepares warm milk for me. he goes all out to satisfy my random food cravings. he allows me to sleep like a bear. he puts me first before himself. he makes me feel comfortable and happy all the time. what more can i ask. thank you for being the best husband i can ever have. i love you Sayang. =)

so here i am in pictures at 7 months plus...

what i wore for my second last news presenting for BERITA on Suria.

with the sexy ning baizura and pretty scha al yahya at APM 2011... and my tummy at over 30 weeks.

with the one who turns everything that she touches into gold. ;)


so i've got a few more weeks to go before i pop. this shall all be worth it. insya'allah. ;)


  1. You look gorgeous, Nona! Glowing! Can't wait to meet your little one!

  2. my dearest Sya.. you're too kind la.. =) you will definitely be one of the first few persons to know once i've popped! take care babe!