Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When Girls Get Together!

last saturday, i was privileged enough to be given a chance to speak at the EPG (Empowering Programme for Girls) by Mendaki event at Nacli, South Buona Vista. there were 2 other women professionals who spoke at the event, Sharon Ismail and Zarina Yusof. fiza o was the host for the 4 hour event. it's an awards ceremony for the first batch of girls who have graduated from secondary school and were part of the EPG group. some of these girls have managed to move on to JC and Poly while others into ITE. it is indeed and achievement to be proud of.

i felt humbled being put alongside these inspiring women. Sharon is a talented host, actress and lecturer. while Zarina, who used to be a TV newscaster is currently the Deputy Director at Health Promotion Board. like whoa! i feel small but honored to have met these amazing women. they have 2 kids each and they look fabulous and hot! i'm pregnant with my first and i look like a whale! lol. but it's ok. i shall work hard towards losing the excess baggage and join the league of "hot and yummy mummy"!

here are some pictures of the event...

and so i spoke about "the ugly duckling". something that is close to my heart as i associate myself with that little awkward duckling. those who know me know the struggles i had to face when i was growing up. i was different as a child and as a teenager. always trying hard to outdo myself. always battling with my self-confidence. at the end of the day, its about how you feel about yourself. the opinion that we build of ourselves form our self-beliefs. i battled with my own self-esteem. i had to find ways to make me feel better about myself. i feel that this natural growing up process is inevitable. we all have to go through it at one point in our lives.

so, girls. it's ok to feel a little low sometimes. it's how to get out of that negative feeling is what matters most. no one can make you feel better about yourself but you. work on your weaknesses and convert it into your strength. focus on your strengths and convert it into something worthwhile.

life is too short to always live in fear of the unknown. if we are afraid to try, afraid to ask, afraid to move on and improve ourselves, then we are missing out so much that life has got to offer.

like sharon said, "Be Brave. Live Life." ;)

so here i am, still standing and facing different battles in life. however, i look ahead and forward to a better future because i strongly believe that we are all meant for greater things in life.

Allah is kind and He will give us what we deserve as long as we persevere and hold on to that dream. insya'allah. =)

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