Saturday, May 21, 2011

it's official!

recently, many have commented... "wah nona.. happy nampak.. badan dah naik eh!" i will usually smile it off and walk away. yes, i have put on weight. back to square one it is. but, for a very good reason.


that explains why i look pudgy nowadays. but how do you tell it to strangers who don't matter?

well, i suppose since my tummy is growing bigger by the day, it's about time i share it with the world. it's best that you hear it from me, rather than hearsay from people..

i'm over 4 months now and our baby is due in October. the husband has been very much excited about my pregnancy. initially, i was overwhelmed, VERY overwhelmed by the news. i just got married and *poof* i got pregnant!

the physical changes to my body was a little too much to handle. i recall feeling soooo sleepy during the first trimester. thank God i didn't suffer from morning sickness. this pregnancy has been a breeze so far and i'm very much blessed.

the little one inside me has been behaving really well. i feel really good and positive throughout this pregnancy. no morning sickness. no cravings. no mood swings. steady weight gain. shinier nails and glossy hair. and my tummy is not even showing yet. so far so good. alhamdulillah.

we already know the gender of our baby.. but my husband and i would like to keep it to ourselves for now. let it be a surprise to the world. =)

also, i would like to apologise to a certain media which apparently found out about my pregnancy and wanted to publish it publicly. my husband and i declined it for personal reasons.. you see, i'm no superstar. like any other married woman, we get pregnant. so, i really don't see a big deal for my pregnancy to be make known to the world in such a manner. however, i do appreciate the thought and am very much humbled by the opportunity. i'm very old-school. so, not for now but maybe once the baby is out, perhaps? heee. *winks*

for those of you who have found out from some other sources besides myself, i thank you for your kind interest and also well wishes. this is my first pregnancy, so i'm keeping it low till i've safely delivered. superstitious? no, just a little conservative. =)

i am very much excited because i've always wanted to know how it would feel to have a little one squirming inside of you. yes, i feel the flutters now. the baby is swimming and stretching and it's such a wonderful feeling. besides that, i'm thankful for such a supportive, caring and loving husband. hisham has been beyond amazing throughout. he makes sure i'm comfortable. he reassures me about the baby. i know he is going to be a fabulous daddy.. and i'm indeed the luckiest pregnant woman alive. ;)

being a mummy to haris has been an amazing experience and i'm glad of the way he turned out so far. but now, it's time for me start like any other real mums and bear a child of my own, growing inside my own tummy and nurture the child with all the love that i have. thank you Allah for this wonderful little gift. alhamdulillah...

dearest baby, thank you for being such a good little one inside me. mama, abah & abang haris are so excited about you. we keep talking about you each day and how much your presence is going to change our lives. you are a gift from Allah and we promise to take excellent care of you. we hope you will stay strong and grow to be a healthy baby. see you in october.. insya'allah. =)


Mama & Abah.

Friday, May 6, 2011

p & t

marriage has taught me so many valuable lessons. one of which is patience and tolerance. it is no longer just about me and my feelings but it is also about those around me. especially those who matters.

when i was much younger, i used to retaliate and question things more often. but now, i choose to silence myself and reflect on what went wrong, trying to make sense out of things and figure out the best solution that could benefit both parties. it takes alot of ego and humility to be able to swallow your feelings so that others can thrive and be happy.

people sometime misinterpret your good intentions as something with an underlying meaning. this i often experience, now that families have been extended and more lives are involved. you mean a good thing, but they interpret it as selfishness. it can be emotionally charging at times, but i'm thankful for a partner who sees what i see. at the end of the day, no what people may say or how they may judge us, it's those that are close to your hearts are the one that matters the most.

so, it's ok to swallow your pride and feelings once in a while. it's ok for others to come up with scary stories of you. it's ok for people to make silly assumptions which don't make sense. they don't make you and neither should they break you. life is what you make of it. patience and tolerance will go a long way if used properly and adequately.

i'm good so far. still making sense of things. getting used to the people around me. learning how to play clean politics amongst those who matters. this is the learning journey that i chose and i will whole heartedly walk this path.

learn to be patient and all times despite the ridiculously challenging times. learn to tolerate others because we are all not born the same.

Allah is watching over me and you. i'm sure. =)