Monday, March 21, 2011

good mood monday

it's a monday and i'm actually feeling fabulous. hmmm.

life is just weird and crazy like that. we wake up in the morning, wash up, have breakfast, take our vitamins and head to work. whether we dread or enjoy going to work depends on what we call our "moods". yes, it has become our driving force. how we feel determines how we react towards our surroundings.

as i grow older, i've learnt to cheat my mood. i can wake up feeling totally crappy but i will force myself to smile and think happy thoughts and "pretend" to be happy. somehow, it works. i end up feeling good after that.

we all have the power to change how we feel. no one else besides ourselves should be responsible for determining our moods. if we feel great, we are able to do greater things than yesterday. if you feel crappy and depressed, everything else negative will just follow.

think about thoughts that makes you happy. put your worries aside and focus that energy on how to make things better. think about that rainbow and not the storm. how pretty it is and how good it's going to make you feel.

i've got a million worries in my head right now. but i've also got a million dreams to fulfill and live. therefore, i told myself that i should NOT be all sad and moody, but i shall look forward to the better things that lie ahead. =)

if you don't believe in yourself and the things that you are able to achieve, then how can you get anybody else to believe such? have faith and believe that you are just as great a being. =)

think about it my friends and have a fabulous monday! SMILE!

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