Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i feel good. alhamdulillah. i don't know why i'm having all these happy hormones. it's just weird but i'm actually enjoying it. i've always felt that it's important to love ourselves. because if we do not appreciate who we are, then it's going to be a tougher road ahead. you should learn to love yourself FIRST before you are able to spread the love and share it with others.

you see, when you really love someone, you always want the very best for him
or her, right? you would do anything for them. ou would make sacrifices for them and defend them if anyone speaks badly of them, right? then i feel that the same thing goes when you love yourself.

when you love yourself, you will want the very best for yourself. you would not accept anything less than the best for yourself. you will want the best relationships, the best career, the best partner and the best home. anything lesser than that wont suffice. you will not accept anything mediocre. like how i've always said to Hisham, that i will not settle for second best beacuse i only want the best.

what i'm trying to say is, technically people who love themselves tend to set a higher standard for themselves. they have big dreams and set high expectations of themselves. but having all these also means mamking sacrifices along the way. good things don't come easy. you will do what it takes to be better and achieve your goals. i was once very fat, i told myself to stop mistreating my body, started exercising religiously and lost weight. today, i do my best to eat healthily and avoid junk foods. i grew up in a low income family, but i told myself that i'm not going to end up a production line operator, but i'm going to make lots of money and support my family.. and i did.

you'll be amazed at the power of your mind and the power of loving yourself. wake up each morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say thanks to God for making you perfect in your own special way.

be thankful for another day given to live and spend time with those you love. we don't know when God will take all these away from us, so let's live each day the best that we can.

i always say this.. happiness NEVER last.. so find temporary happiness in the little passing moments of our lives..

so, LOVE yourself! =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

good mood monday

it's a monday and i'm actually feeling fabulous. hmmm.

life is just weird and crazy like that. we wake up in the morning, wash up, have breakfast, take our vitamins and head to work. whether we dread or enjoy going to work depends on what we call our "moods". yes, it has become our driving force. how we feel determines how we react towards our surroundings.

as i grow older, i've learnt to cheat my mood. i can wake up feeling totally crappy but i will force myself to smile and think happy thoughts and "pretend" to be happy. somehow, it works. i end up feeling good after that.

we all have the power to change how we feel. no one else besides ourselves should be responsible for determining our moods. if we feel great, we are able to do greater things than yesterday. if you feel crappy and depressed, everything else negative will just follow.

think about thoughts that makes you happy. put your worries aside and focus that energy on how to make things better. think about that rainbow and not the storm. how pretty it is and how good it's going to make you feel.

i've got a million worries in my head right now. but i've also got a million dreams to fulfill and live. therefore, i told myself that i should NOT be all sad and moody, but i shall look forward to the better things that lie ahead. =)

if you don't believe in yourself and the things that you are able to achieve, then how can you get anybody else to believe such? have faith and believe that you are just as great a being. =)

think about it my friends and have a fabulous monday! SMILE!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


because God made us in pairs and i have found my match.

so let's continue staying strong and be there for each other.

no one told us this was going to be easy.

but deep in our hearts we know that this is meant to be.

thank you, my husband for all of the sacrifices made and love showered.

alhamdulillah, i am a lucky wife, because i have YOU in my simple life.

let's continue chasing our dreams and pushing each other to be a better person each day. the dark clouds will pass and we shall see our rainbow right ahead.

i love you Mohamed Hisham. more than you can ever imagine. =)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*my humble wedding*

alhamdulillah, i have been married since 1 january this year. it's such a surreal feeling, still.. however, now that the hype is slowly fading away, i guess it's about time for me to do a proper closure of my wedding and do the necessary personal thank yous on my humble blog...

my wedding was very much simple and non-extravagant. i've always believed that less is more. it was such an intimate and small affair and i'm glad it was planned such. i am a simple person to begin with and i feel that my small humble wedding was simply PERFECT. =)

my nikah ceremony was held at masjid al-mawaddah at sengkang. it's a new mosque and has a very nice and small air-conditioned event hall with a simply decorated wedding dais.

these are the most important people for my wedding. my IBU in grey and her sisters. they did help me quite alot in the wedding preparations and without them, it would have been a bigger challenge.

this is sabreena and halawah. my favourite girlfriends who stayed back late the night before as they were helping me pack the wedding favours. i love this girls and they were there for me throughout.

kadi salim jasman was very calm and funny throughout. uncoventional as well as he broke many traditions and norm. it did baffle us to why he was behaving such and the only conclusion was, because i was NONA KIRANA. hmm. but alhamdulillah, with a single breath, at 11am, hisham and i were officially husband and wife. =)

hisham's family. now, i have a Mak and Abah, plus fabulous siblings in law. =)

my ibu. the one who took care of me since i was 2.

there you have it. my wedding in pictures. =)


i'm also taking this opportunity to thank my God sent service providers who helped me out alot throughout the whole process.

- VERSARI ADE - bridal outifts & styling

the number ONE on my list. abg hadi was a miracle. he saved us from a bad experience we had with another bridal company. to cut the story short, the kind hearted abg hadi decided to provide us with his services and did an amazing job by producing 5 new outfits for me in less than 6 months. i first met him during my girlfriend's wedding and we have become acquaintance since then. his works was indeed flawless and exclusive as compared to some other bridal companies. not to mention that i LOVE his make up. it is simple and comfortable to put on the whole day. i didn't feel cakey at all and i looked like myself! my experience working with abg hadi and his fabulous team has been nothing more than a pleasure. he listened to what i wanted and improvised on the designs. he realised my dream of wanting a pink princess barbie gown!

but let me tell you this, before you start pointing fingers and say that he treats me such because i'm a "celebrity", than YOU"RE WRONG! he treats all his clients just the same. i've seen it myself and i'm had so many girlfriends who used his services and was given the same fair treatment. abg hadi is very accomodative. the point is, if you're nice and kind to people, of course you will get the same in return, right? so, brides to be, as much as your big day is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to focus on, make sure that you still keep your calm and be nice to your service providers especially your mak andam, because they are the ones who are going to make you look pretty on your wedding.

abg hadi did a superb job in my songket outfits. it is actually his forte. the songket outfits were all carefully hand beaded and was simply flawless and so rich looking. i really felt like royalty. plus, i love my make up!!! he did awesome on my plain face. =)

abg hadi, i'm glad we crossed paths. God is kind enough to lead me to you and your awesome team. it has been a memorable experience working with VA and i'm very glad that you and your team were responsible for dolling me and hisham up. thank you for customizing the 5 GORGEOUS outifts for us. thank you is never enough and we hope that God will bless you for your kindness and big heart. sincere beings like you are rare to find and i'm glad that i've had the opportunity to work with you and the VA team. thank you again, abg hadi. YOU'RE THE BEST! ;)

- GRAFIKHAUS - wedding invitation cards, guestbook & posters

thank you Anuar and the team for being responsible in designing my pretty pink and white wedding cards. it really suited our whole traditional theme. i'm glad to have worked with a wonderful team of young entrepreneurs and i'm happy with the way the cards and posters turned out! they managed to come up with a new card design for me and listened to what i wanted. the card was different and unique and i'm very pleased with it. thank Anuar and the Grafikhaus team for accomodating to my requests and delivering the cards as promised, despite the tight timeline. =)

- OUR MIDAS TOUCH - wedding trays gubahan

our wedding gifts for both hisham and my side were done up by Mira from Our Midas Touch. i love her works as it is simple yet elegant. it was also such a pleasure to work with her. Mira listened to what i wanted and tried her best to go about executing. she managed to find a LILAC songket for me! it was really sweet of her to go all out to find the songket for me as a base for the tray designs.

thank you Mira, for accomodating to my requests and delivery the items personally to both sides. we are touched by your kindness and are still very much amazed at your creativity in designing the gifts perfectly! indeed, i highly recommend her for your brides to be who are in need of someone to do up your fancy gubahans! =)

- FLORACLAY SINGAPORE - hand bouquets

initially, when i met Nora, it was just to discuss on ONE hand bouquet that is made from clay. i have never been a fan of fresh flowers because i feel that they die too quickly.. hehe.. therefore, the idea of having a clay hand bouquet was just perfect! the flowers looked real and it's actually much lighter to carry around as compared to fresh flowers! however, Nora did THREE hand bouquets for me which was a very pleasant surprise! she managed to coordinate the colours of the flowers to my outfits and it went perfectly together.

thank you Nora for personally handcrafting the flower petals and putting the pieces together and coming up with such beautiful creations. i was very proud to hold your floral hand bouquets and it was such a pleasure to work with you. such a soft spoken person she is, but very creative and determined! thank you for the gorgeous hand bouquets! ;)

- PESONA BELLE - bridal henna & sirih dara

ahhh.. the bridal henna. a must for most singaporean malay brides. Wanie from pesona belle was kind enough to offer me her services after a prior service provider decided to play punk on me. therefore, Wanie became my henna saviour!

Wanie from Pesona Belle is a bubbly and friendly person to begin with. She made me feel comfortable during our initial meet up session and her warmth reassured me that she will indeed deliver as promised. Wanie and I discussed on the henna design and i did email her a couple of designs that i liked. she improvised on the ideas and came up with something that pleases me. on the actual day of my henna application, Wanie came all prepared and focused. throughout the long 4 hours, she remained chirpy and continued to make me feel comfortable throughout the session. not to mention her amazing talent for detailing. my henna artwork turned out gorgeous and received many compliments from relatives and friends. I would highly recommend Wanie to doll up your hands and feet with her pretty henna designs and intricate artwork. besides her henna service, Wanie also did my Sireh Dara which was so unique and different from those conventional ones. I was very much pleased with it as it suits my taste. two thumbs up for Wanie and Pesona Belle! I am really glad that they were part of my wedding and i'm sure most brides to be out there will feel the same if they engaged Pesona Belle's services.

- HUSGIF CREATIONS - bridal car decor

one week before my wedding, i was scrambling for someone to do up my car. it was seriously the last thing on my mind and i totally overlooked it. however, after asking Nora for some contacts, she managed to hook me up with Kak Husna from Husgif. she is yet another angel who came from nowhere. she agreed to do up my bridal car despite the tight timeline given to her.

hisham and i felt that our bridal car should just be our own car. no other fancy vehicles because we wanted to keep it real. so, yes, our bridal car was our humble mitsubishi which turned pretty after Kak Husna's magic touch!

Kak Husna, thank you for coming to rescue and going all out to find my gold netting to fit into my wedding theme. you are such an amazing businesswoman and i look forward to working with you again in future! ;)

- ONEMOTION STUDIOS - videography

Shah and his team did an EXCELLENT job on my pre-wedding videos, photo montage as well as the actual wedding video. it was so much fun working with him despite the long hours of shooting. i have to say that i was very impressed with his level of professionalism. his equipments are industry standard and his filming studies background just made things a breeze. he listened to what we wanted and went with the flow, always saying.. sure.. can.. why not.. Shah is a talented videographer and his passion in doing this is very much apparent. despite his crazy schedule, (if you didn't already know, he is from the group REVALINA) he made sure that he met the datelines and delivered the goods as promised.

the part one of our actual wedding video can be found on the fanpage of ONEMOTION STUDIO on facebook. if you have the time, do visit them there and have a look. Shsh and team, thank you for the flawless and fabulous work. we love it! =)


Ridz, my favourite photographer of all time. you snapped us during our engagement and you did it again for our wedding. thank you for making us feel comfortable throughout. your amazing shots captured the essence of the moment. we are totally in love with our wedding album!

- JENTAYU GALLERY - wedding deco

thank you Mel for doing up the humble multi-purpose hall and transforming it into a pretty garden inspired area. the white english chairs are gorgeous and was the talk of my wedding! the simple yet elegant look was something that pleased me. it was a pleasure to work with you and i wish you and the Jentayu Team all the best! =)

- ARTISTIQUE CAKES - wedding cakes

thank you Ally for coming up with the pretty pink cake for me and the gold one for hisham's side. the cake is not only gorgeous but also delicious to eat! =)

and... to top it off.. Hisham and I made it on the cover of MAJALAH PERKAHWINAN! when i was much younger, i've always had this thing about that magazine.. that how nice would it be if I am the one on the cover with my future husband.. so, call it the law of attraction, but it happened! =D

so there you have it, a detailed entry of my humble wedding...


i would also like to take this opportunity to thank my Ibu for sticking by my side and making things easy for me when it comes to decision making. i love you Ibu. to haris, thank you for standing by my side and loving me still...

thank you to my aunties and uncles for working together and cooperating really well throughout my wedding.. especially to Mami Siti and Uncle Jamal who allowed me to use their house for the 2 day event.

thank you to my male and female cousins for making the event an even more joyous one with your humour and presence!

thank you to my nephews and nieces for helping out and behaving really well during my wedding! ;)

to hisham's side of the family, thank you for accepting me as part of your clan now. i am very happy to be part of such a happy and big family.

thank you also to those who made the time to come down for my wedding. i know it's new year's day and that is why i truly appreciated the effort in gracing my humble event.

to everyone else who was directly or indirectly involved for my wedding, my heartfelt thank you for making this possible.

may Allah bless you for all of your kindness that you have showered upon Hisham and I.. we are humbled by your contribution towards our big day. till we cross paths again.. Thank YOU... your kind prayers are all i seek and may this blessed union of souls last for an eternity... amin. =)