Wednesday, February 9, 2011

try. again.

sometimes i think i'm too hard on myself. i beat myself up for the little things that i fail to achieve. i get upset when things don't go my way and i blame it on myself for being incompetent. have you ever felt such?

it's like when i look at other successful women, i feel small. i'm not that famous. nor gorgeous. definitely not skinny. and not (yet) rich. yes, i beat myself up over such things. but when i take a step back and reflect, i feel thankful that i know of such inspiring and successful people in my life.

i've always been a perfectionist. i cannot stand inefficiency and incompetency. therefore when i see other doing better than me, i ponder alot. why them and not me? well, there could be a million reasons why. reasons beyond my comprehension. this however, pushes me to do better and go beyond my limits and abilities.

i am no where near perfect. i am just as simple and human as you are.

so ladies, i just want to say that it's alright to be you. as long as you know that you are trying your best to be a better person each day and continue doing good to others, i think that is perfectly alright. =)

i don't always succeed in whatever i do. but i always do my best to keep on trying.

so, smile. chin up. and fly. ;)


  1. you're amazing! how you remain so positive all the time is beyond me. thanks for the reminder to always keep trying! :)

  2. thank you Sya. you inspire me too. in many ways actually. let's keep reminding each other to be positive about life and its little precious passing moments. ;)