Saturday, January 29, 2011

i love u. u love me. we are happy family.

somehow, having your own little nucleus makes it complete. my family is neither famous, nor rich. my family is slightly dysfunctional and not typical. however, this makes us unique. we are happy with each other and we make each other happy.

haris has always been a blessing. a positive little boy who never fails to amaze me in many ways. i'm very certain that he will make an excellent big brother to my future children.

Mr. H is my soulmate indeed. our relationship has never quite been bed of roses. despite the challenges, we are still going strong because we know and believe that we are made for each other. this whole marriage thing is definitely not easy. we have learnt to sacrfice each other's feelings for sake of making the other happy.. we compromise at so many things.. we forgive, forget and move on much easier now. marriage does take alot of effort, adaptation and hard work. but, at the end of the day, we are still able to look into each other's eyes, knowing that this is love.

my Double H makes up my little family now.

they make me happy. VERY happy. a feeling that even money can't buy. =)

i love you my darlings. =)

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