Wednesday, January 19, 2011

about a fabulous 2011 so far!

ok. it's been over 2 weeks since my last entry. i know i owe my readers a full rundown/review of my wedding. it's on the way ok.

meanwhile, i'm randomly blogging about what i would like to achieve in 2011. it's been an interesting adaptation process with the husband and all. marriage is definitely not an easy thing to upkeep, but i'm loving every moment for now. alhamdulillah.

2011 started out fabulous. i got an amazing partner. i made new friends who inspire me (*points at syaheeda & salmah*). work has been kind to me. family relations have never been better. all's good so far. alhamdulillah.


i think i've put on weight. yes. the husband LOVES eating. he can eat and eat and eat and eat. as for me, i've got a love-hate relationship with food. in 2006, i was almost 90kg. that was the peak for me and i NEVER want to go back there. i think i've been complacent in taking care of my body. therefore, one of the goals that i wish to achieve in 2011, is to have a healthy BMI. it's not about being skinny cos i know there is no way on earth i can be a size 0, so, let's aim for a size 8 or 10 for now. fyi, i'm in between a size 12 & 14. which is normal if i live in the states, but since this is singapore and everyone i know is so tiny, let's aim at that. i need to get back on track on the dieting & exercise. i need to inspire myself all over again.

i'm sure that some of us will say that inspiration might be hard to find but it is all around us. sometimes, all we need in life is a boost.. or something to keep us on the right track, or something to keep us inspired. those times would be the times where these effective ways of inspiring ourselves will actually help us. these will help us in doing whatever it is we want to do in our lives. as for me, i try to find inspiration from reading motivational books, watching inspirational movies or videos and even from people i know who are inspirational in their own ways.

inspiration keeps you focused and happy. when we are happy with ourselves, the things we are doing and our environment, only then can we be productive and achiever greater things in life. therefore, i would also like to continue inspiring people around me. life is too short for regrets, contemplation and what ifs. i want to be happy and so should you.

it's alright to be different, quirky and random.

2011 will be FABULOUS! cos Hisham and I said so! =)

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