Friday, December 24, 2010

about a place once known as Peking

Beijing was amazing (minus the winter). i have new found respect for China now. its history, culture and FOOD! surprisingly, it was quite palatable. however, the makciks in my group did bring along lots of sambal belacan and cili padi, which made dining experiences more enjoyable. heee..

forbidden city was an eye opener. such a beautiful and breathtaking place. oh ah the GREAT WALL OF CHINA! i climbed all the way up baby! despite the flu, cough & asthma, i did it! like how many times will u climb up one of the world's wonders.. so, yeah, i did it. syabas nona.

here are some random pictures. some are mine and some are fb tagged photos from those who were part of the tour... will try to upload more on my fanpage (if i have the time).. cos my wedding preps is driving me insane, in a positive way that is. ;)

enjoy! =)

so that's about it for beijing. made new friends on the trip, including some amazing girls who were just so adorable. thank you WARNA & Orange Travel for the opportunity. tak sangka saya boleh sampai juga ke negeri China.. =)

ok. 8 more days to my wedding.

back to more madness! =)